March 12, 2013: Our readers write

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Keep offices on the square

It only makes sense to me that the best and least expensive way to bring people and business into downtown Elizabethtown would be to keep all government offices on the square.

With the recent vote against allowing bars and alcohol by the drink, I see very little likelihood of businesses being able to succeed there. If all government offices were located there, we would be able to save all of the money allotted for downtown revitalization ideas that probably won't work anyway.

I am also wondering if the question of the day not being updated Feb. 27 is politically motivated?

If this move takes place we might as well bulldoze the courthouse and the square because they will be nothing but a memory and money trap.

Robert Moser


Motorcades and madness

I just do not understand what it is that will wake people up to what exactly is going on in this administration.

We now are in what is commonly called sequestration. What our representatives are cramming down our throats is that we, the taxpayers, have to tighten our belts and understand the cuts are necessary and that we shouldn't complain or question the way in which they are being implemented and where.

Explain to me how reducing our already streamlined military by thousands is going to help when these soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are no longer receiving military paychecks. They will be getting unemployment or welfare checks because our government hasn’t addressed the real problem of not encouraging entrepreneurship or helping manufacturing and other businesses in becoming American-owned and operated. 

When will we notice our commander in chief has done little to curb the outrageous spending for things such as his dog, Bo, getting a motorcade to go to the groomer, and the president playing golf with questionable characters to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars of our money, not his own.

What is the matter with our country when our citizens think these outrageous expenditures made by the White House are OK, when that same White House continues to batter taxpayers?

The way I see it, as long as we have movie stars in the White House instead of leaders, we will continue being entertained instead of regaining our status as a world leader.

I’m not brilliant, but I sure have done a lot with a little. But, then again, I had to work hard for it so I did not waste anything .

Toni M. Becker
Vine Grove