March 13: Our readers write

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Mike Eckerd

By The Staff

It’s always a free choice

This is crazy. I have been watching the papers for years. It seems almost every time a person offers an opinion in the paper and frames it with a Christian perspective, or uses the word God, prayer, church or Christianity, the agnostics, atheists and just plain hate- mongers come out of the woodwork and attack.

The peculiar thing is that instead of commenting intelligently on the actual subject or opinion, they attack the Christian perspective, which oddly, is the very thing they do not believe in. Why so much energy trying to disprove the thing you don’t believe?

If you don’t believe in God or the value system and truths he set in place for us to follow, then why worry if some do choose to follow Christian principles for living? I have never seen any person forced to pray, worship or live biblically in my 44 years of living in America. It is always a free choice, which is, by the way, biblical.

Let’s flip this: You will never prove that God doesn’t exist, so relax and let us whacked-out believers have our Ten Commandments posted here and there; let us have our silly logo on the U. S. currency; let us hold our unrealistic stance on protecting all unborn children; let us foolishly recite the Pledge of Allegiance in its Christian American tradition; let our fanatical kids thank God for their peanut and butter and jelly sandwich at lunchtime; let our goofy children believe that God created them in His image and that they were never monkeys, that once were squirrely, that once were fish; and finally, if it’s not too much madness for you, let our young girls believe they have the strength and power to keep themselves sexually pure until marriage. I know. That last one is totally bizarro!

Thanks … and in return, we as Christians will continue to pray for you, your family, your community and your unborn generation. Now please don’t get all upset and whiny if we pray for you. We have to. We’ll do it in secret. It’s one of those ridiculous mandates from Heaven that we Christians love and pray for our neighbors, no matter who they are. Besides, you don’t believe all that weird “For God so loved the world” stuff anyway. Tell you what … we’ll pray for you just in case our zany beliefs turn out to be true and you needed someone standing in the gap for you on that day you don’t believe will ever come. You know, that car accident, that dire family situation, that disaster or that day you have no one else to turn to. He will be there to claim you as the reward for the suffering of his son. Smile, God loves you to the end, even when you don’t love him. In Jeremiah 32:27, God says, “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” 

Mike Eckerd