March 21, 2013: Our readers write

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Spread the fun

Instead of saying we’re a great county because the county shares all the fun and excitement, quality of place and quality of life, why not just go ahead and say “Elizabethtown rules and the other cities in the county suck!”

Let’s face it, those who are setting up these events likely care less about the other communities such as Radcliff or West Point. If we were one county, organizers would “share” some of these events, allowing them to migrate to towns further north; giving the citizens of Hardin County an opportunity to experience what other communities have to offer.

This letter is not intended to cause rub between the citizens of Hardin County, but to ask event leaders to reconsider what you say in print. All one has to do is look at the recent retail sales per capita data from the Census Bureau and see Elizabethtown’s $40,000 rating against Radcliff’s $13,165 rating. You cannot argue valid statistical data.

Mike Woosley



Keep it downtown

Thanks to Linda P. Irwin and all the supporters of downtown Elizabethtown. Keep up the fight to keep business and the government downtown.

We, as are a lot of people in Hardin County, are transplants. We were so excited l7 years ago to move to this area. We came from Toledo, Ohio, and big city living, to the beautiful city of Elizabethtown. Elizabethtown was beautiful and the area  full of history. Since then, it has been so disappointing to watch downtown go to shambles.

It has made no sense to me the city council and other governing officials have done so little to support downtown commerce. This is a beautiful city with wonderful people who hold history in this area very important. The ambiance of Elizabethtown’s downtown area is so important to the draw of visitors and sight-seers.

Downtown has deteriorated and most of the people who have tried to bring business to the area have failed because of lack of support. It is a shame that we, the larger of the surrounding cities, have done so little.

Look at Hodgenville, Bardstown and other cities that work hard to bring business and visitors to their downtown areas.

My hats of to the people who oppose Judge-Executive Harry Berry and his supporters. There is no reason the city of Elizabethtown’s offer to help the county to purchase, demolish and build new office buildings downtown should not be accepted. Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep the government buildings together and convenient? Maybe Ring Road is closer to Mr. Berry’s home and it is more convenient for him and his supporters.

There is a lot of area open to the county right in the city’s downtown.

Support current and future downtown businesses. Be proud of your city. Be proud of your county.

Cathryn Rauch