March 28, 2013: Our readers write

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Sharon Jern, W.R. Morgan

Enough already

Having read the last few letters complaining about the proposed move of the Hardin County government offices, it seems there are some people who think the county government is for their benefit alone.

Knowing Judge-Executive Harry Berry, I have listened before to his reasons for making this move and how it would benefit all county residents.

The fact this was approved on an 8-1 vote by the Court would show this is not a partisan issue. Judge Berry has shown his good judgment and far-sighted leadership in running this county without the budget shortfalls or constant demands for tax increases seen in Frankfort and Washington D.C.

For those opposing this move or threatening to vote Judge Berry out, I have a few simple questions.

First, how much longer do you expect the county government to pour our tax dollars into outdated eye sores?

Why should the county tax payer, who is the customer, have to navigate a traffic pattern that was set up to handle horse-drawn buggies, not cars?

Why should the progress of our county be blocked by those who cling desperately to the past?

Let Judge Berry and the other magistrates continue to do their jobs in this matter. I am sure Elizabethtown’s city leaders are more than capable in taking care of the old downtown area.

Sharon Jern



The relation between relocating county government offices and Hardin County Unification — HCU — is one big scheme. I find it strange members of Fiscal Court who opposed HCU and relocating now favor relocation. Apparently principles were sold out for prestigious facilities. Are we headed back to HCU?

Voters need ro realize what is going on and get ready and realize that failing to vote is what loses elections.

To preclude action being taken without an election, I encourage everyone to write letters to the editor of this newspaper and to personally voice opinions to fiscal court members.

We must not allow a few power-hungry people to take control of our lives.

Elizabethtown is the county seat of Hardin County and that is where county offices should be.

W.R. Morgan

Vine Grove