March 3, 2013: Our readers write

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On Senate Bill 9

There may be some of us who may or may not require the need for a nursing facility. Yet, I know most of us know someone who has had a need for one. As a former district long term care ombudsman I have seen the good and the bad.

However, this letter is to inform readers about Senate Bill 9. SB9 would establish a medical review panel system for use in civil litigation relating to Long Term Care facilities and providers. I have been reading articles in the Louisville Courier Journal from those who oppose and those (the nursing home industry) who want the bill to pass. The pros state it is time to put focus on loved ones, not lawsuits. Have you seen their ads on TV? The cons of SB9 state nursing facilities are putting profit above care of human beings.

I for one would like to see care put above profit, Yes, I am sure there are ocassions where there have been frivolous lawsuits. And yes, there have been many ads from attorneys on television and newspapers lately. This only proves the attorneys are aware of the problems or potential prob-lems. Not every single fall, injury or bedsore becomes a lawsuit. What can the nursing home industry do? They can hire more staff.

Please call 1 (800) 372-7181 and tell the call center you oppose SB9. Now is the time to voice your concern.

Normaline Skees



Where’s the money going?

I suppose Fiscal Court will choose to repay the five fire departments the three months money they have withheld. The departments have completed all tests/paperwork — and the most important fact — they still were in service to their community during this time. If they do not repay them, is the purpose to punish them? Let’s remember these are unpaid volunteers doing the best they can, even at 3 a.m., to keep their communities safe.

Perhaps the paid county management will return three months pay because they did not sufficiently communicate with the departments about the requirements.

Another important consideration — 5 departments at $1,500 each totals $7,500. Where will that taxpayer money go?

Call your magistrate and judge-executive and suggest they reimburse these departments who were never off the job.

Pat Nelson