March 7, 2013: Our readers write

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Jeana Raizor Pugliese

Basketball hero gone but not forgotten

On the news there was a segment regarding a high school boy throwing a game-winning shot from the other end of court — very exciting.

It brought back memories of a 1949 basketball game at Howevalley High School.

Paul Woodring — from Cecilia family of forever — was a senior. He made the same shot and with the same results — we won the game. Our small gym also erupted.

I was a sophomore and a cheerleader and have never forgotten that night.

I can’t remember who we were playing, maybe Rineyville, but just wondered if anyone else re-member that exciting game.

Paul joined the U.S. Army after graduation (Korean War), returned to Cecilia and has since passed away. He’s gone but not forgotten.

Jeana Raizor Pugliese