March 8, 2013: Our readers write

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White House truth in short supply

Please explain this to me: Senior Homeland Security officer Gary Mead, the man whose job is arresting and deporting illegal immigrants, has suddenly decided to retire in April.

Unexpected? Yes. Under pressure from the administration? I don’t know. He is the person apparently responsible for the recent release of 1,000 illegal aliens from federal prisons. The White House claims no prior knowledge of this move. Department of Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano, his boss, said it was done without her knowledge.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton still can’t/ won’t answer simple but critical questions about Benghazi — but why would she? After all, she certainly had no prior knowledge of the poor security situation our ambassador, staff and military were in.

Convince me, please, that a good night’s sleep followed by a fundraising opportunity in Las Vegas were more worthy of the president’s attention then the safety of Americans in an unstable and dangerous duty assignment.

All of which begs the question: Who in this administration knows anything? The president tap-dances around questions more lightly than Fred Astaire ever did, bobs-and-weaves with more agility than Muhammad Ali, passes the buck quicker than a New York City pickpocket and relies on a doom-and-gloom message that puts Job (in the Bible, for those readers who aren’t gun toting, Bible-thumping, right-wingers) to shame.

At what point do supporters of this president pause long enough to take off their blinders, quit blaming everything on anyone who is not a registered Democrat and begin to at least consider the possibility the direction this president and his administration are taking the country is down a dead end street.

Admit no wrong. Take no responsibility. Malign the opposition. Ridicule the conservative. Continue to blame former President Bush. And whatever you do make sure TV appearances, celebrity events (i.e. Academy Awards), vacation photo-ops and other white-washed media coverage by the president and first lady are scheduled on a regular basis.

Truth, defined, is simply “conformity with an established or verified fact” and is in very short supply in this White House and the media coverage thereof.

Sheila Enyart


Dealing with federal budget cuts

It is absolutely unbelievable that our president thinks we cannot survive a 2.5 percent cut in our budget, without suffering terrible cuts in important services. He has already closed down White House visits by the public. He has predicted long waiting lines at the airports, etc.

Republicans in Congress have offered a bill to allow him to shift these specified cuts to any area he wishes, but he has refused. He apparently prefers layoffs and severe military reductions to cutting waste and fraud, so he can blame the results on Republicans.

If we cannot afford a 2.5 percent cut, we are doomed to go bankrupt.

Bill Ball