Marsee legacy is one of offering opportunity

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TOPIC: Death of Bill Marsee
OUR VIEW: A community's loss

Often, most of the work was done behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.

That’s the way Bill Marsee was.

In all of our communities, we have those such as Bill Marsee and his wife, Betty: the passionate few who work relentlessly, not for praise, but for the good of a cause that benefits others.

The Marsees, co-presidents of Youth Theatre of Hardin County, provided a gateway for young talent to flourish over the years.

Bill Marsee, 77, died last Monday.

The loss of the arts giant in Hardin County is huge and will be felt for years to come. It was the love of the cause that drove Bill and Betty Marsee all of these years.

As news spread last week of his death, those who knew him tempered their grief with fond memories of the couple’s decades-long commitment to thousands of children.

Youth Theatre has thrived for many, many years because of people such as Bill and Betty Marsee.

Their passion for Youth Theatre of Hardin County emerged when their daughter, Cindy, became involved. Unlike most who walk away once their child is done, the Marsees did not. For decades, they have been the heart and soul of Youth Theatre.

Maybe that is why the death of Mr. Marsee stings so.

Former student after former student echoed the same thought: The work of Bill and Betty Marsee provided children and young adults a window of opportunity.

The impact of Bill Marsee won’t end with his death. Instead, it will continue to grow as long as there is a Youth Theatre of Hardin County.

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