May 11, 2014: Our readers write

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Debbie Donnelly offers invaluable experience
The Hardin County Clerk’s office is responsible for a myriad of public services all governed by countless numbers of Kentucky Revised Statutes.

The complexities of some of these statutes can result in differences of opinions and may at times warrant legal interpretation.

As chief deputy clerk, Debbie Donnelly has had many years of first-hand experience dealing with a wide variety of situations requiring accurate interpretation of policies and statutes. Nothing can substitute for the invaluable experience and knowledge Debbie brings to the office of Hardin County Clerk. She is committed, a hard worker and has dedicated her career to ensuring that Hardin County citizens are served accurately, fairly, and honestly.

Debbie not only has my vote of confidence, she has my vote for Hardin County Clerk.

Liz Tabb



Community deserves person of character

Do we in Hardin County want a politician or a true professional for sheriff? I’ve never been one to endorse anyone, however, with the shape our country is in due to corrupt politics I think it’s time we all got involved and started taking our country back one election at a time.

As a senior Army aviator, an attack helicopter pilot out of Fort Knox, I can say that I’ve come across countless men through multiple deployments and have learned to be a pretty good judge of character. There is one who is running for sheriff who not only has character and integrity but also leadership qualities that actually makes him over qualified for the job. In a word, he’s the epitome of a professional in every sense of the word.
Who am I talking about? Bud Baumgardner.

I first met Bud when I got back from a deployment in Bosnia in 2000. He was teaching the youth at a church my wife and daughter had started attending while I was deployed. He already had been a deputy sheriff for quite a few years and here he was taking time out to teach the youth of Hardin County good solid values. He went on to spend many more years as a DARE officer, as I’m sure some of your children can attest.

We owe it to this generation to set them up for success and vote in someone who not only will be the very best for sheriff but be an outstanding role model. I can think of no other person we need for sheriff more than Bud Baumgardner.

CW4 Robert B. Turner

Vine Grove


Wife of late sheriff supports John Ward

I am writing today to recommend John Ward as our next Hardin County sheriff. As a longtime resident of our community, I know that quality law enforcement translates into safer streets. And safer streets translate into community progress and development.

My husband, Charlie Logsdon, served as our sheriff from 1985-1994. I had a front-row seat to see what it takes to run the office: intelligence, integrity, leadership and a lot of hard work.

I have examined the candidates for sheriff and their qualifications. John Ward’s experience as post commander makes him an ideal fit for the job. The sheriff carries out four important functions: tax collection, election duties, service to the courts and law enforcement.

Our next sheriff must be more than a police officer. To be successful, he must have executive and administrative experience and be able to manage resources to perform all of the duties with which he is charged. John Ward has those qualifications and has a proven track record of success in running a large department.
John was born here and was raised in Hardin County. He knows the people and he has their respect. Let’s continue to build of the strong reputation and high performance of our sheriff’s office. Join me in voting for John Ward on May 20.

Diane Logsdon



Vote for someone who puts people first

Are you frustrated with politics? Ever feel like you are being ignored or you don’t matter? If you answered yes, then here’s an opportunity to change that by voting in the upcoming primary election on May 20, 2014, for someone who does care about you.

Mike Blankenship is running for magistrate in the 6th magisterial district of Hardin County. Mike is someone who has been on the front lines of emergency service, out there risking his life for all citizens of Hardin County whether he knew their name or not. His years of experience as a firefighter and paramedic show his passion and concern for his fellow citizens. His experience as a fire officer, Hardin County dispatcher, business owner and family man give Mike the knowledge and ability to be an asset to Fiscal Court and the citizens of Hardin County.

We need someone in this office who puts citizens first, who can handle the pressure of the job and who can think unbiased and professionally with the best interest of the county and citizens at the forefront of each decision.

Politics is never an easy job and meeting the needs of everyone is a difficult task which is why it is even more important to elect the right person. Someone who is serious about this race, who sincerely cares about everyone he represents and who has the experience and knowledge to make the best decision for everyone he represents is the person we need to vote for on May 20 – Mike Blankenship.

Mike is a lifelong resident of Hardin County who understands our past, present and future needs. Mike has the time, energy, drive and dedication needed to be successful as a magistrate who stands for and represents each and every citizen. He has the experience needed to be able to hit the ground running when elected to represent us all and make a positive difference for Hardin County and its citizens. Please elect someone who cares and listens by voting for Mike Blankenship on May 20.

Laura Lamb



Speaking on behalf of younger brother

From 1966 through 1970, I played basketball at East Hardin High School. The East Hardin school district also encompasses an area that is covered in the 6th Magisterial District of Hardin County. I’m now asking residents of that area to support my younger brother, Mike Blankenship, a candidate for magistrate in that area.

Mike has been serving the residents of Hardin County since he was 13 years-old, beginning with the Boy Scouts as an Explorer Scout unit that was attached to the American Red Cross Disaster Team. He was a volunteer firefighter and worked for Hardin County government as a deputy jailer. He was the first dispatcher on the air when Hardin County started its own emergency dispatch center (pre-911). He also served 18 years on the street as an EMT/paramedic with the county’s ambulance service. Mike is an expert in radio communications and holds the highest extra class ham radio license issued by the FCC. He has more than 40 years’ experience with radio repair and communications. Mike also has an electronic engineering degree, and has owned and operated a radio repair service in the past.

Mike is the most honest and conscientious person I have ever known and would be a huge asset to the Fiscal Court. Please join me in supporting and voting for Mike Blankenship as 6th District magistrate on May 20.

Danny Blankenship