May 14, 2013: Our readers write

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On 31W plan

The Radcliff Small Business Alliance Inc. joins in support of Radcliff Mayor J.J. Duvall in his opposition of the current 31W Median Plan proposed by the KY DOT and discussed in The News-Enterprise’s May 5 editorial. The editorial’s position, along with Mayor Duvall’s comments and a recent letter to the editor recommending the median plan not be implemented represents the opinion of the membership of our Alliance.

Members were polled this past week.

Mayor Duvall’s alternate recommendation of replacing the medians with continuous deceleration lanes which have proven their success in Radcliff already is the best solution.

The Alliance urges our state and county representatives join with the Alliance to overturn the current plan. We ask individual community members to contact their representatives at the state and county level and tell them to assist Radcliff.

The Alliance welcomes support from any and all other groups opposed to this KYDOT plan.

Feel free to contact the Radcliff Small Business Alliance through its web site www.RadcliffSBA.com or our Facebook page.

Terry Shortt

President, Radcliff Small Business Alliance Inc.