May 15, 2012: Our readers write

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 Paying a fair share

I have heard quite a bit lately from President Barack Obama and his supporting cast of shills attacking those who have been successful and claiming that they need to pay their fair share.”

After 10 years as a professional tax preparer, I will agree there are many who need to pay “their fair share.” For those of you who have had to pay taxes, it might interest you to know 47 percent of American workers did not pay one dime in income tax. A large number of that group were also able to qualify for the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit allowing them to celebrate a second Christmas with checks averaging $4,000 to $6,000. 

What is the cost of this to taxpayers? Estimates run from $44 billion to $47 billion each year and this is in addition to all of the other welfare programs our tax dollars are funding. I guess this can best be explained by the words of Karl Marx, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” If you like this along with the trillion dollar deficits and over $16 trillion in debt it has brought, enjoy it while it lasts. But if what you want is a tax that is truly fair, I invite you to check out the Fair Tax.  It’s time for everyone to start paying their fair share.

Kenneth L. Randall



Hardin County should back Bryan

Primary Election Day is quickly approaching and voters should follow Kendrick Bryan’s campaign. The candidate is running for state representative.

I have known Bryan for more than 10 years, and I can tell you he has the passion we need in Frankfort. Bryan is a proud graduate of Central Hardin High School, where we were active in the tennis program until we graduated in 2005.

We were roommates at Western Kentucky University. I saw Bryan’s service to the university, and he was honored to win the Charles Keown Award and the Dero Downing Award.

Bryan has worked for Hardin County Schools and LaRue County Schools, and he is dedicated to the Lady Hawks volleyball program. He also advised an award-winning Y-Club delegation.

Bryan is the strongest candidate in the race because of his platform. He is the only contender willing to discuss the legislature’s main setbacks: budgeting, redistricting and transparency.

Bryan has laid out proposals to help manage these issues. The commonwealth needs to discuss budgeting and redistricting in open hearings. We also need a commission to oversee redistricting because our legislators wield too much influence over the process.

Voters need to know who is visiting our legislators and if any groups are contributing to our public servants. Bryan is taking a significant stance by opposing special interest groups and political action committees. He also pledged to post his voting record and expenses on a new website.

On May 22, enhance the Heartland and elect Bryan to be our next state representative.

Josh Reed