May 16, 2013: Our readers write

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Supporting Garrison

In light of Monday’s article concerning the appointing of Mr. Alvin Garrison to the position of superintendent of Covington Independent Schools, I wish to thank Mr. Garrison for his many years of service to Hardin County Schools.

In 1995, when Mr. Garrison began his teaching career at North Hardin High School, I was in my senior year. My last class of the day before I went off campus for the final three periods was in Mr. Garrison’s portion of the hallway. I immediately took a liking to Mr. Garrison and wished I had had the privilege of being in a class he taught.

During Mr. Garrison’s tenure as principal at Radcliff Middle School, I substitute taught in Hardin County Schools. During the days I worked at Radcliff Middle School, I was impressed with Mr. Garrison’s work at principal. He commanded respect from every student within the school, and under his leadership, the school eventually met its testing goals.

In Monday’s article, a member of Covington Independent Schools’s board of education stated that they needed to improve their test scores and said that Mr. Garrison seems to be the ideal choice to achieve that goal. In my opinion, they made a fine choice, and I would like to wish Mr. Garrison all the best as he takes the helm at Covington Independent Schools.

Mike Waters



On Obama

I read the funny article in Monday’s The News-Enterprise. Mr. Obama gave the commencement speech to the graduating seniors at an Ohio college. He challenged the young people to take a prominent role in making our political system better. It has been Mr. Obama himself who messed up a good thing. He promised that his administration would be open and visible, and willing to work with both political parties. I wonder when Mr. Obama will take responsibility for his actions instead of blaming everything on President Bush. I wonder when Harry Reid, Nancy Palosi and Chuck Shumer will stop cutting off any positive policies the Republicans propose. I am waiting for Mr. Obama to begin working with the Republicans, and stop forcing his agenda on this once great country. I say “once great” because we are looked upon as an empty threat to those who oppose our way of life. My flag has been flying at half staff since the November elections for this reason.

Mr. Obama and his cronies still have not come clean on the Bengahzi incident. He has “drawn a line” if the Syrian military uses chemical weapons. President Assad already has used these weapons, yet Mr. Obama still wants proof. Iran continues with its nuclear program, because they know the only country who will stop them is Israel.

Mr. Obama wants the wealthy to “pay their fair share,” yet he takes trips on Air Force One to play golf and his wife uses other military aircraft to go to Hawaii separately.

I just wonder who proclaimed Mr. Obama the first American Emperor.

Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him.

Pinky Bilz