May 17, 2012: Our readers write

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Supporting Jimmie Lee

This letter, regarding the upcoming primary, is different in several regards from the letters about the election I have been reading. In the first place, the author is not from Madisonville, Bowling Green, Danville, or my personal favorite, New York City.  This letter also does not address what Jimmie Lee might accomplish as a legislator based on his other life experiences. On the contrary, I am writing as a voter in the district who has had the opportunity to monitor Jimmie Lee’s work and study his record as a legislator, and I know he has been a strong, effective voice for us in Frankfort and that we are fortunate that he is willing to continue as our legislator.

Like most of us in Hardin County, Jimmie Lee is grounded by strong conservative values. Given the current political climate, this hardly makes him unique, but the fact that he has held these beliefs for decades does. We can trust Jimmie Lee.

Jimmie Lee is always anxious to hear from constituents and use that information to make the tough decisions a legislator has to make. And when the conversation centers around a personal problem, Jimmie counts it a privilege to help in any way possible.

Jimmie Lee has shown real leadership in the House of Representatives. He knows how to get things done, and he does it every term. For instance, when he saw a need for legislation to stop elder abuse, he made it happen. When constructing the state budget, he has also made sure that Hardin County receives its fair share of state tax dollars. Although we would like all legislators to be this savvy, a quick glance at the quagmire at the national level shows that is not the case. We are truly fortunate Jimmie Lee is an effective leader.

You do not have to take my word for it. The accolades for Jimmie, as a legislator, are legion. The Southern Health Association has named him Legislator of the Year, as did the National Association of Social Workers. He has received awards from the American Lung Association, the Kentucky Public Health Association, the National FFA and the National Association of Development Organizations, to name a few.

We should all be proud that Jimmie Lee is our legislator. He has served Hardin County and Kentucky with honor. We are blessed he wants to continue as our legislator. Hardin County is a better place to live because of Jimmie Lee. Vote for Jimmie Lee on May 22.

Sherry Keith Kelley



Encouraging sports at ECTC

The News-Enterprise recently published an article indicating Elizabethtown Community and Technical College was contemplating the reinstitution of a sports program at the college. This is an excellent idea and I would encourage the college to do so.

When I was a student at ECC from 1972 through 1974, the college had a basketball team called the ECC Barons. The current superintendent of Elizabethtown Independent Schools, Gary French, played on that team. I believe some other members of that basketball team were Nute Haire, Rusty Lunsford, Richard Thomas and Jim Philpott.

This was an exciting team to watch. The Barons were very successful as they won more than 20 games each season. Huge crowds attended home games and the games provided an opportunity for students to socialize and have a great time. We all felt it helped provide a fun and entertaining atmosphere for students at the college. The sports program also provided an extra incentive for students in the area to attend the college.

I would highly encourage ECTC to implement a sports program for its students.

Jerry M. Coleman