May 17, 2013: Our reader write

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On partisanship

A recent letter writer is “still waiting for Mr. Obama to begin working with Republicans, and stop forcing his agenda on this once great country.”

It is no secret the president has time and again approached Republicans with the olive branch only to have it smacked in his face. Since 2009, when has President Barack Obama gotten anything resembling cooperation? Sen. Mitch McConnell laid out the opposition’s agenda to make Obama a one-term president in no uncertain terms. As far as “forcing his agenda,” the writer seems to forget there was an election in 2012 and the president won. Still, McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, et al, pretend to hold all the cards.

As to Benghazi, where was the outrage over the 13 U.S. embassy people killed during the Bush administration? Where was the outrage when the NAACP was targeted by the IRS in 2004 for criticism of the Iraq War? Lastly, would we not expect an investigation of an organization like the Associated Press when they were writing stories containing classified information? Where’s your outrage over the lies leading to the Iraq War and the trillion dollar debt from an unjust war, which you now want the elderly and poor to pay for?

President Obama has accomplished a lot but it has been in spite of the GOP, and certainly not because he has ever gotten the least bit of cooperation.

Steven L. Wright


25 years: Has anything really changed?

Tuesday marked the 25th anniversary of the Carrollton bus crash that took 27 lives. Being from Radcliff and having known a number of the families this got me to thinking. Has a whole lot changed? I was debating this with a few people and, after doing some research, the answer is unfortunately no.

The first thing people who debate me on this will say is the number of deaths on average has dropped significantly. However those numbers are very misleading. Yes the number of alcohol-related deaths has dropped on average in the past 25 years but the number of incidents have not dropped as dramatically. The reason for this is simple in that vehicles have become safer meaning the chances of surviving an accident with a drunken driver are much greater now than 25 years ago, however, the number of drunken drivers on the roads today is just as great as it was 25 years ago.

Keep in mind 25 years ago we did not have seat belt laws nor did we have air bags in almost every vehicle as we do today. What makes our roads actually more dangerous today than 25 years ago is that today not only do we deal with drunks on the road but we also deal with the drivers impaired because of use of cellphones and texting. Kentucky, of all states, should be a shining example to all other states in regards to making our roads safer but instead we have become a state that has chosen to forget the tragedy as well as the lessons that should have been learned.

Larry Long
Vine Grove