May 22, 2014: Our readers write

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Richard Leal, Pinky Bilz

Release details of EMS investigation

After reading the resignation of the EMS Director Ira Dyer, I was shocked, but not surprised, on his resignation after only one year as Hardin EMS director. His assistant, James Miller, was suspended and both put on paid leave during the internal investigation. Seems the investigation focused on fraudulent time sheets for pay.

Also, not surprising, is the use of KRS 61.6L.878(1(h)by the Hardin County At­torney Jenny Oldham in order to legally suppress the release of any information to the public on the possible fraudulent theft of taxpayers’ money in overtime pay by the leadership of the EMS. Will Hardin County taxpayers be able to get reimbursed if overtime was fraudulently paid?

Mr. Dyer was employed for six years and Mr. Miller for 14 years which alludes me to ask myself, how long have false time sheets/cards submitted for work not actually done?

Judge-Executive Harry Berry calls this a “personnel matter” under his watch and refuses to let the Hardin County residents know exactly what is going on within our government; just like the new Hardin County building expenses/costs. I believe that without full release of the investigation facts to the residents it will cause further rumors and innuendos to run rampant. The perception of the continued “good old boys” system in Hardin County politics is further solidified with this latest scandal.

My family was involved with and challenged the Hardin EMS. I know firsthand the stonewalling of the truth by our county officials but in the long fought end the truth was revealed.

I am respectfully asking Judge-Executive Berry to fully release the investigation results in an open forum without it being swept under the rug. To not inform residents on the full facts of this case will cause further rumors and innuendoes to run rampant during this election year. This should be an election issue on the campaign trail. The Hardin County EMS employees and residents deserve much better leadership for our taxpayers’ dollars.

Richard Leal


Continued stonewall regarding Benghazi

A recent article in the paper tried to put the normal liberal spin on the tragic events in Benghazi, but still left some critical unanswered questions.

Where was President Barack Obama at the time, and why did he leave for a fundraising event in Las Vegas the next morning? When the SEAL team went in and took out Osama Bin Laden, Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and everybody was crowded into a small room and watched it live. It has been confirmed there were drones over the area sending back real time information of the happenings in Benghazi.

The day after the event, a top-ranking Libyan official flatly refuted the claim that the attack was in response to a YouTube video. Yet, for weeks afterward, the Obama administration tried to hoodwink the American people into believing it was. Poor Susan Rice went on five talk shows to spin this vicious lie to cover the inept and corrupt Obama administration.

Even on the day when the caskets of the heroes came home, Clinton talked about the video and Mr. Obama went to the United Nations, both proclaiming that the person responsible for the video will be caught and punished.

A top general said Obama did not even try to send a rescue mission.

Now we see Obama, his wife and others with signs: “Bring Our Girls Home,” in answer to the kidnapping of 200-plus girls in Nigeria. I guess Obama and his liberal clones still believe that the terrorists watch YouTube.

The super clone Nancy Pelosi says that the new Congressional investigation is a political witch-hunt. Benghazi happened 20 months ago and the Obama administration has stonewalled any requests for information.

I guess since I have voiced my distrust for Obama and his agenda, his corrupt administration, the cut throats he surrounds himself with and the lies he continues to tell the American people, I am classed as a racist. That’s OK, I have big shoulders and can take being called names by people who don’t know any better.

Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him.

Pinky Bilz