May 27, 2014: Our readers write

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Conservatives urged to back GOP nominee

For Tea Party Patriots and other conservatives who supported Matt Bevins, congratulations. You ran a hard-fought campaign in defense of conservative values.

Now I would like to invite all of you to come back home to the GOP as the state party needs you more than ever. I understand the disappointment you might be feeling right now. Four short years ago, Trey Grayson was the GOP favorite for U.S. Senate. I liked Trey and appreciated what he had done to support the Hardin County GOP. Then along came Dr. Rand Paul and the rest was history.

At that time, I had a simple choice: Do nothing and risk Jack Conway winning or support Paul. The state party chose unity and fully backed Paul. I, too, supported him and am now glad I did.

So, now it is your turn. Before you decide, ask your­self a serious question: Are you really willing to help Allison Lundergan Grimes, a handpicked puppet for the Obama regime, get elected? I listened to her deceit-filled acceptance speech. She is willing to tell you whatever you would like to hear to get elected just like her mentor sitting in the White House. If you can look at her, her record and still support her, you are no conservative.

So it’s time to come home. We have much work to do in sending Mitch McConnell back to the Senate and flipping the House to Republican control. Many local candidates need your help as well.

To join in, contact the Hardin County GOP at www.hardingop.com and Team Mitch.

Kenneth L. Randall

Stepping away from Tea Party leadership

Effective May 13, 2014, I chose to step down after being the chairman of the Central Kentucky Tea Party Patriots since its inception, except for a short stint in 2012. This decision was made and approved by the board in November 2013 and I continued to fill the position on a temporary basis until May 2014.

This has been an extremely challenging yet deeply rewarding position. In this capacity, I have met and worked with so many wonderful people throughout the commonwealth and especially here in Hardin County.

I wish to thank all who have attended meetings, brought food, helped clean the building and donated items to the CKTPP. I especially would like to express my deepest appreciation to the board members who have contributed so much to the organization, for without each of you, very little would have been achieved. To all the candidates we have supported, I hope you realized positive gains from your association with us. As we go forward under new leadership — Scott Hofstra — I feel we have achieved much, but many challenges remain.

I appreciate the support during my tenure and encourage all conservatives to join in supporting the CKTPP and its new leaders as it continues to lead the fight to return our government to the people.

Bobby Alexander