May 29, 2011: our readers write

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Bravo, State Theater
I want to say “Hats Off” to Emily West and the State Theater. I went to the Mark Chesnutt concert this past weekend and cannot say enough how much I enjoyed the show (and this coming from a person who is not a country music fan). The show had the caliber of entertainment one would find in Louisville or Nashville. The venue was great and there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.
The only thing I found disappointing was both shows should have been packed with concert-goers. The ticket price was very reasonable for someone like Mr. Chesnutt. The show was polished and the opening act from a local singer was just as entertaining (what a voice!). It was nice to end the evening by having a short drive home.
I learned that evening that Ms. West has only been with the State Theater for five months. I must say the theater has picked the right person to promote their venue. I’ve seen her picture in The News-Enterprise and do recall seeing her in front of the theater in Southern belle dress to promote the “Gone with the Wind” movie. She’s definitely a go-getter and, I for one, appreciate her efforts.
I just hope the community will support her efforts because it makes Elizabethtown more of an entertainment destination. Ms. West is certainly doing her part. I just wish Elizabethtown’s powers-to-be would really jump on board and do the same. A decent dining restaurant and a glass of spirits within walking distance of the theater would have completed the evening.
Patty Hall