May 6, 2012: Our readers write

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The ‘Britishness’ of Pelosi
British prime ministers lead Britain into national policies more so than British monarchy. Nancy Pelosi behaves like a prime minister and should be put in check by a new American president capable of doing it. She has no respect for President Barack Obama. It was apparent ever since she pushed him to sign an economic stimulus bill into law which she knew that he hadn’t fully read. Somehow, as a law school graduate and the most powerful man in the world, he signed it anyway, an excuse was given that there wasn’t enough time for him to fully read it and the image of our first black president immediately was trashed.
Black community activists predictably kept silent. Did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Medgar Evers die so a black man could become the most powerful person in the world and still be led around by his nose? Liberalism transformed both slavery and racism into art forms with no chains required; only greed. Too many influential black community activists have a price. 
President Obama promised “transparency.” “Obamacare” came together differently. Special exemption deals got the votes needed to pass it into law. What official document allows me to see what’s in Obamacare? Nancy Pelosi made President Obama into a liar and he could have used vetoes to prevent it.
Good leaders understand that they can’t delegate responsibility and should scrutinize anyone to whom they delegate authority. “Prime Minister” Pelosi sets the tone for this administration and Obama allows it. This won’t change if Obama stays in office. We need a new president in November 2012.
Harry M. Braxton

Reform and results
Primary Election Day is the fourth Tuesday of this month. I am asking for your vote in the Democratic primary for state representative.
Our state is suffering from “laggardship” in Frankfort. Our officials are neglecting key statistics like the fact that Kentucky ranks 47th in terms of share of adults with college degrees. The commonwealth also received a C- on the Corruption Risk Report Card by the State Integrity Investigation. The State Integrity Investigation is a partnership of the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity and Public Radio International.
Kentucky should not be lagging behind other states. We have the resources and partnerships to do better. However, the change must start in Frankfort.
My platform is dedicated to reform efforts. We need public hearings regarding redistricting and budget formations. Our district also deserves a website detailing who is visiting the legislative office and how the employees are using taxpayer money.
I am also committed to civic health. If elected, my legislative office will sponsor art contests, essay competitions, geography bees, job fairs, mock elections, spelling bees and town hall meetings for local residents. My commitment to civic health can also be seen in my campaign decision to refuse contributions from political action committees and special interest groups. This campaign is about voters and empowering this area.
It would be an honor to serve in Frankfort. I am a graduate of Hardin County Schools and Western Kentucky University and I understand how officials can be influential. I will not miss votes and committee meetings and I will work with legislators in a bipartisan manner. Voters are tired of the greed and gridlock.
On May 22, we can enhance the Heartland. However, it starts with your vote at your precinct. We have the momentum to reshape Frankfort because we are not satisfied with the current state of politics.
Kendrick Bryan

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