Memories in poetry: Terrible Tuesday

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911 was the call and the date,
when so many lives met their fate.

Who would have thought such a crime,
could have happened here in our time?

The world trade center hit by hijacked planes,
and a part of the Pentagon zapped in vain.

A downed plane headed by evil foes,
averted targets by brave everyday heroes.

Police and firefighters working around the clock,
trying to rescue and help, dealing with shock.

Sights too horrific to comprehend,
but eyes still focused until the end.

Freedom will ever be a part of this story,
as American hearts are bonded by "old glory."

May God bless our land from terrorism,
and keep the American spirit alive with patriotism.

Terrible Tuesday will remain heavy in our hearts,
but the spirit of liberty can never depart.

Patti A. Tucker, Elizabethtown resident
September 2001