'Miracle' baby born at HMH on 12-12-12

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Waddells celebrate birth of first child

By Kelly Cantrall

When Brandon and Stephanie Waddell learned their first child would arrive in December, the easy-to-remember date of Dec. 12, 2012, stood out in their minds as a perfect birthday for what Brandon called a “miracle baby.”

It became another wish granted to the Waddells as Archer Keith Waddell entered the world at 1:08 a.m. Wednesday. He was the first baby born at Hardin Memorial Hospital that day.

Stephanie’s due date was Dec. 6, but after Archer continued to be a no-show for several days, it was decided doctors would induce labor Tuesday. They expected the newest Waddell to be delivered early Tuesday evening, Brandon said.

But labor took longer than expected and Archer made his appearance on the special date. The next such date, that shares the same digits for the day, month and year, won’t happen again until Jan. 1, 2101, 89 years from now.

“We were hoping for the 12th but we didn’t really think we’d get the 12th,” Brandon said. “It’s just kind of a miracle baby anyway.”

Brandon and Stephanie tried for a child for a couple years before they learned in-vitro fertilization would be their only option to conceive. The news caused the Waddells to put the decision aside for a few years, but as they approached 30, the couple decided to give the process a try.

The couple decided they would try it once, with just one egg, and that if it happened, it was meant to be. And it was.

Stephanie said the couple was very lucky to succeed on the first round of in-vitro. The special birthday was just icing on the cake.

“It was very surreal that it actually happened,” Stephanie said.

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