More than veggies

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Hardin County Farmers’ Market Pre-Thanksgiving Day event is Saturday

By Robert Villanueva

If you think the Hardin County Farmers’ Market is just about veggies, think again.
The first-ever Hardin County Farmers’ Market Pre-Thanksgiving Day Homemade Food and Craft Gala will be held 9 a.m.–1 p.m. Saturday and will go beyond the traditional food items.
Handmade jewelry and wood crafts, such as bowls and cutting boards, are among the offerings slated to be available at the event.
“Normally when we talk farmers’ markets we’re talking vegetables or produce,” said Rene Emond, president.
At least 16 vendors will be available at the market at 200 Peterson Drive in Elizabethtown.
Usually the Hardin County Farmers’ Market vendors are permitted to sell only food items they’ve produced themselves. Baked goods can be sold but only if at least one of the ingredients is something produced by that vendor.
Crafts and handmade goods are not generally part of the farmers’ market inventory.
The upcoming food and craft gala will forego those guidelines to include crafts. Craft items offered can be constructed of materials the vendors didn’t produce themselves as long as they create their own final product.
“That’s a diversion from the normal Farmers’ Market rules,” Emond said.
Baked goods, eggs, poultry, homemade candy and jams and jellies are just some of the other items that will be available.
Shoppers will be able to do some advance gift shopping for the holidays as well as prepare for Thanksgiving, Emond said.
“There’ll be homemade pumpkin pies,” he said.
For shoppers looking for an alternative to turkey on Thanksgiving, at least one vendor will sell chicken raised on all-natural foods as well as chicken salad.
Vendors pay a fee for booth space but keep all money from their sales. Farmers’ Market members pay $25 for booth space while non-members pay $35. The money from that fee goes to pay costs for a number of things, such as insurance and advertising.
While this is the first time for the event, it is just the beginning.
“We’re going to have another one on Dec. 11,” Emond said.
Centerpieces, wreaths and pottery are expected to be offered at the December event.
Emond said the new pavilion constructed for the Hardin County Farmers’ Market was the impetus for Saturday’s event.
“We think this is an opportune time to utilize it now that we have it,” he said.
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