Music is central to this soldier, cyclist, personal trainer, Mom

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Renaissance woman also is involved in animal rescue

By Becca Owsley

With a variety of interests in Lorene Fowler’s life, there’s one central chord that drove it all: music.


Fowler retired from the U.S. Army in 2003. In her final posting at Fort Knox, she was a first sergeant in the 113th Army Band, the Dragoons. She played saxophone and traveled all over the world, spending some time in Germany and a tour in Korea.

Her major influence in music is her dad. He had a music store when she grew up and is an accordion player.

“If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have had music in my life,” Fowler said.

Her 85-year-old father now lives across the road from her and she helps care for him.

Through music, she traveled the world, served in the Army and met her husband who was also in the 113th Army Band.

Both of her children were also musicians at some point in their life.

The Army band brought her to Hardin County. When she retired, they decided to remain here because the children were still in school.

Retirement also lead her to a new career at E-town Swim and Fitness. The Army, she said, keeps you in pretty good shape and fitness became a passion for Fowler.

She began to miss the military fitness regimen and joined the gym. After seeing a help wanted sign, she decided to apply and has worked there for almost 10 years.

She is a personal trainer and teaches water aerobics classes. Her clients and students range in age from 13 to 81. She has a good time in her water aerobics classes.

Outside the gym, Fowler helps transport animals that need to go to a rescue or shelter. She does one leg of the route that’s usually about an hour or hour and a half drive. These animals are being transported to places all across the country.

“You meet amazing animals,” she said.

She recently transported 13 cats.

“It’s really rewarding for me,” she said. “I’m a huge animal lover and have 11 cats.”

All of her cats are rescues.

Fowler said she gets attached to the animals she’s transporting but the rescue transport set up helps her not take all of them home with her. You can’t take one of the animals you are transporting because they have to be adopted from the organization they are going to which is usually far away and not on her leg of the transport.

She said they are sweet, adorable and scared and she is glad to be able to help them.

An avid cyclist, she rides four or five times a week and does a lot of 100-mile rides. She often rides with the Central Kentucky Wheelmen.

Cyclists can see the sights better, she said, because they travel slower than by car. The trips also allow her to stop at a lot of mom-and-pop gas stations and visit some of the places in small towns. She likes to take the back roads to see farms and a variety of animals.

One weekend in July, she rode across the state of Indiana, a distance of 160 miles.

Fowler is noted for what she does in and out of the gym.

“Lorene is an all-around great person who genuinely cares about people and animals,” said Debra Mattingly, general manager of E-town Swim and Fitness.

Fowler is willing to help anyone and has a great attitude, work ethic and skills, Mattingly said.

“She can do any job here at ESFC including guarding people’s lives while at the pool,” Mattingly said.

Mattingly counts her as a valuable asset at E-town Swim and Fitness.

“I don’t know what we would do without her,” she said.

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Getting to know Lorene Fowler
Cycling: Her favorite place to cycle is out in the country on the back roads.  
Favorite place she’s traveled: Germany and Arizona were both beautiful but she said everywhere she’s gone has had something she liked.
Favorite television show: “Seinfeld”
She has a daughter, 25, and a son, 22.
11 cats