NARFE catches up with updates

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NARFE Chapter 1050 of Elizabethtown met on May 2 to enjoy the quarterly pot luck and to hear the updates from the State Convention and National Legislative issues. Old and new members alike were welcomed by chapter president Kay Bennett.

Convention committee member Ruth Dixon gave a very interesting and thorough report on the events at the State Convention. She also reported that next year’s state convention would be in Hopkinsville, and the Elizabethtown chapter would host the 2013 Convention. For more information, contact Dixon at 234-9513. Kay Bennett is the NARFE District vice president and Betty Hundley is the NARFE State Federation vice president.

Local membership chair Sally Watkins reported that the revised Constitution and Bylaws document has been sent to National Headquarters for approval. Chapter 1050 will have the opportunity to vote on it during the July 11 meeting. Voting members who do not attend meetings will receive a copy of the revision by postal or e-mail and are encouraged to vote and return the response to Chapter 1050 no later than July 11. Watkins encouraged all members with e-mails to keep in touch with NARFE at www.NARFEKY.org. She also shared that one menu on the NARFE web site called “talking points” covers items such as advocacy, media info, protect America heartbeat, etc.

Legislative chair Willie Little gave an update on how NARFE members’ benefits are in jeopardy with the national budget cuts on the table.

Contacting Congressmen and making donations to the NARFE Political Action Committee can help support the initiative to prevent reducing benefits of a projected $7,000 per retiree per year. For more information, contact Little at 270-351-1651 or Dick Grindall at 270-351-8996.

Alzheimer’s Committee chair Peggy Johnson reported that members of NARFE have donated more than $9 million to Alzheimer’s research. Chapter 1050 in Elizabethtown has played a key role in the fundraising effort. With some 1,400 chapters and 300,000 members, NARFE is the only association solely dedicated to protecting and improving the earned benefits of federal employees and retirees.

Heartland Service Center (formerly the Fort Knox Service Center for NARFE eligibles) serving Fort Knox and the Heartland of Kentucky has relocated to 411 Ring Road (NOLIN RECC Bldg) and will be open the first Monday of each month from 9 to 11 a.m. Committee chair Sam Alexander or a member of his committee will offer information and assistance, or call 270-769-1264.

The next NARFE meeting will be on at 11 a.m., June 6 at the Nolin RECC Bldg., 411 Ring Road, Elizabethtown. The guest speakers will be Shelly Heavrin and Loretta Crady to speak on the Trust for Life organ donor awareness program.

Further information in reference to NARFE is available from Chapter president Kay Bennett, kaybennett@windstream.net, or call 769-3137.