New Dental Services

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By The Staff


Dr. Roycelyn L. Gray, a root canal specialist who practices in Elizabethtown, and her dental team have completed special training that allows them to treat fearful people. Dr. Gray now offers Oral Conscious Sedation, a safe way of treating anxious patients without IVs or injections of sedatives. Using a small pill, people can now have their root canal completed while they are totally relaxed and absolutely comfortable.

Dr. Gray is a member of the fastest growing organization of its kind in dentistry, the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation - D.O.C.S. The purpose of D.O.C.S is to provide the education necessary for dentists to provide needed care to the large population of people who are avoiding the dentist and to improve their lives with better dental health. In fact, Dr. Gray is one of only two endodontists in Kentucky who offer this type of oral sedation.

Dr. Gray and her team are located in Mulberry Square at 950 N. Mulberry Street in Elizabethtown and can be reached at (270) 737-6804 with any questions.