From newlyweds to undead, weekend events proved fun

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By Robert Villanueva


The News-Enterprise

So I had a weekend that went from attending a storybook wedding to mingling with the undead.

And the two even intertwined.

The wedding Friday was for a couple of friends who both have a long-standing interest in movies. In fact, the groom worked on movies and TV shows in Hollywood for some time before meeting his bride-to-be at a 48-hour film contest in Louisville.

Because of their shared interest, Bill and Laura decided to get married in a movie theater, The Historic State Theater, to be exact. Their entire wedding was movie-themed, including music at the ceremony from “Superman” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

The theater even put their names on the marquee, something Bill and Laura had dreamed about.

Wedding invitations resembled movie tickets and the reception included movie-themed decorations.

Attending the wedding felt like attending a movie premiere, starring Bill and Laura, as I’m sure was the intent. They stood on stage as if we were watching them on the silver screen.

I guess that would make the wedding party, who also stood on stage, the supporting cast. Because of their background, the whole story felt like the culmination of a fairy tale.

A wedding like that makes me feel good. Seeing a couple start a new chapter of their lives sharing an interest so meaningful to them and with such happiness and excitement is contagious.

Things switched gears a bit the next day.

Not that it wasn’t a fun and exciting day. It was just a different type of fun and excitement.

Saturday was the Elizabethtown Zombie Fest downtown. Held in conjunction with Second Saturday, the event drew hundreds of zombies and spectators alike.

Zombies ranged from the mild to the extreme in terms up makeup and costuming. And the makeup, in most cases, was pretty realistic.

Rotting and bloody flesh was the norm for the evening, and zombies ranged in age from children to adults.

There was even a zombie dog.

Some of the zombies stayed in character throughout the event. In fact, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a zombie dancing to blues music or at least trying to move his undead limbs to something resembling a dance move.

A pumpkin drop, zombie walk, live music and vendors of all sorts all were part of the festivities. I stopped and talked to so many friends I didn’t take nearly enough photos of the undead creations, but the event was a blast.

The zombie belly dancers even returned. Yep.

You don’t get to see that every day.

To top everything off, the weather cooperated. There’s nothing worse than a soggy zombie.

But the warm afternoon turned into a cool evening, and the moon even made an appearance.

The funny thing was that among those friends I ran into at the event were Bill and Laura.

In some ways it was fitting. Their made-in-Hollywood wedding had continued as they took part in “The Night of the Living Dead.”

The difference is I expect Bill and Laura will live happily ever after.

Robert Villanueva can be reached at 270-505-1743 or rvillanueva@thenewsenterprise.com.