News item: Howevalley Elementary will be replaced by new school to be built in Cecilia. Forum: Share memories about the school.

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Howevalley Elementary

Where and when is the school being built? I heard toward the end of 86 is that right? And is it to incorperatecall of Howevalley, some of Lakewood, and some of G.C. Burkhead?

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former student

i went to howevalley elem. and i wish i lived closer so my daughter could have had the opportunity to attend such a great school. Mr. Lawrence, Ms. Cofer, ms. Coomer, ms. Williams, ms. densmore, all great teachers. i hate to hear the school is closing. so many memories, so many friends, so many stories to be told about the school. i had so much fun there and the teachers would stop to help, there was only 20-25 students in each class, so each got attention and assistance when needed. the school board needs to open a community center in the school, so parents could take there children so play on the playgrounds and make it kind of like the pritchard comm. center. it could help the hardin county income of money and after about a year it would greatly help with the board of education having so many cut backs that prevent our children from learning as much as we did when we went to school.

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howevalley school

My great grandfather helped build howevalley school,my mother,and father went to school there when it was also the High school before WEST HARDIN was built,my grandfather retired from driving school bus,i have went to school there along with my kids...i played basketball there,band,had alot fun...have alot of lifetime friends that went to school there... there was a few teachers like MR.David Lawrence,MS.Howard,MS.LINDA...COACH GOODMAN,MR.KRAL,MRS.COOMER,I'm going to miss the school....it's a shame that their closing it down...now kids will just be a name not a face and teachhers saying i'll call you mom.....I truely feel sorry for the kids..having to move to a bigger school were they cant get the help...like they would in a smaller school,smaller classrooms....I"m glad i dont have to go threw that anymore.. my kids are grown now....BUT I DO THINK THE SCHOOL BOARD SHOULD OPEN UP A CENTER TO HELP KIDS WITH SCHOOL WORK..OR PUT A COMMUNITY CENTER IN IT....SOMETHING TO HELP HOWEVALLY..NOT JUST SELL IT LIKE IN WHITEMILLS WERE IT BECOMES AN EYESORE.....