North Hardin marching band resets for new season

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By Anna Taylor

The North Hardin High School marching band is starting its 2014 season with a different approach as it prepares its show, “Emergence.”


The show is inspired by Crystal Pite’s ballet “Emergence” and the theme is designed around a scientific term of the word, which can be defined as individual actions forming large patterns, Director Brian Froedge said.

“If you watch the ballet, it’s really kind of abstract,” Froedge said.

The dark concept of the ballet and some of the choreography will be used in the band’s show, including the use of bees, though not in a traditional sense.

“It’s more of an abstract, artistic setting,” Froedge said. “There will be choreography that individuals or smaller groups will do early in the show and then as you get deeper into the show, more of the performers and then all of the performers will do the same choreography at the same time.”

Common themes throughout the performance are hexagons, or honeycomb patterns, as well as the colors black, gold and red. Following the idea around how bees move, “Flight of the Bumblebee” by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov is featured in the opening act.

This season, the 5A marching band has more than 200 students, consisting of about 130 wind instruments, 50 color guard members and more than 20 percussionists. The marching band is the largest it has been in 15 years.

Although the same level of difficulty as past marching shows, this year the design strategy has been a smarter process, according to Froedge.

“You can do things that are

really hard but may not be really effective to judges and audience members. I think this year, there is a good level of demand, but also it’s a little smarter as far as how it’s designed,” he said.

Last year, the marching Trojans were state finalists, finishing fourth behind Paul Laurence Dunbar, Madison Cen­tral and Lafeyette high schools. This year, the band is hoping to improve musically and be at the top of its game.

“I want to be the best band that we can be and that might not be the best band in the nation, and I’m OK with that,” said MacLaren Williams, mellophone section leader. “As long as I perform and all of the other people around me perform to the best of their ability, I’ll be a happy person.”

Froedge said the band has studied some of the best marching bands in the state to help students understand how other bands operate.

Drum major Erykah Ochoa said she has seen the band grow in its level of dedication since she began marching.

“This year, just seeing how much our band has improved, it’s amazing,” Ochoa said. “We’re doing stuff this year that our band last year I don’t think could have been able to pull off. Just seeing how much this program means to the people in it, it’s great.”

The band officially will begin its competition season in September.

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