Nov. 12, 2010: Our readers write

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Dan Pawley, Harry M. Braxton Jr.

Knights of Columbus will continue to serve

You may have read an article in the The News-Enterprise about a recent altercation that occurred at the Elizabethtown Knights of Columbus Hall. We would like to provide a few more details for the community of Elizabethtown and Hardin County.

Many of you know that the Knights of Columbus Hall is available for rent to the public. There have been many beautiful wedding receptions, banquets and reunions in the hall over the past fifty years while we have owned this building. On the night of the recent altercation the hall was rented by someone of the public for a private party. It was not a Knights of Columbus event, an event sponsored by the Knights, nor were any Knights of Columbus members or family members present.

To the families and businesses in our neighborhood, we regret that this incident happened. We want you and the community to know that the renter and the Knights of Columbus have agreed that they will not rent the hall again. We wish to express our appreciation to the Elizabethtown Police Department for protecting all of us and responding so quickly.

The Elizabethtown Knights of Columbus have been in this community for 100 years and we have raised more than one million dollars for charities such as Kosair Children’s Hospital and Mentally Disabled citizens. We have provided our time and funding to our church, youth baseball teams and scholarship recipients. We wish to thank the many residents of Hardin County who have supported the Knights of Columbus and our projects. We want you to know that we will continue to serve our community.

Concerned members of the Knights of Columbus

Dan Pawley



Sheriffs office should be defended

As a Republican, it was a disappointment to me to see Louis Grider Jr. as a Republican candidate for Hardin County Sheriff. His conviction and one year incarceration as the result of drug paraphernalia charges were public record and an embarrassment to the Republican party. As this offense was only a misdemeanor, Mr.Grider was legally qualified to run for any public office, including county sheriff. Some Democrats say he managed to receive more than 9,000 votes solely from the Republican Party line voters, but Democratic enemies of Sheriff Charlie Williams are probably part of that tally as well.

Because of the confidentiality of the American voting system, no one will ever know for sure how Mr. Grider got that many votes. He still lost and the residents of Hardin County were saved from having an ex-convict as chief law enforcement officer of their county. Mr. Grider says that he will attempt to run again. Should he decide to run for Hardin County sheriff again in 2014, I won’t allow another uncontested Republican primary and another humiliation of my political party.

I had intended to run for something else in 2014, but realize that I may have to run for Hardin County sheriff in order to protect that vital office from both chicanery and popularity contests. The brown shirts, taupe trousers and gold badges of Kentucky Deputy Sheriffs are not just a uniform but a symbol of deep honor to me and I’ve been a part of that for over 13 years. That honor needs to be defended. Time will tell whether I’ll still be physically up to the task in 2014 but; right now, I feel pretty good for an “old man.” If I’m not up to being Hardin County Sheriff healthwise, I won’t deceive anyone by running.

Harry M. Braxton Jr.