Nov. 15, 2012: Our readers write

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No white flags

First I have a quick note for the Democrats out there who were betting that I would be not be writing this month. It’s time to pay up! While this past general election was a disappointment for me and many others, I have no regrets over how the GOP performed in Hardin County and Kentucky. Governor Romney carried Hardin County and Kentucky by 20 percent. Brett Guthrie won re-election easily and will be joined in the next session of Congress by Andy Barr. On the state level, Tim Moore, C.B Embry and Dwight Butler ran unchallenged while Dalton Jantzen lost in a close race.

This past Saturday I gathered with fellow Republicans for the Vine Grove Veteran’s Day Parade and we will also be participating in the Christmas Parades In Elizabethtown and Radcliff next month. In plain language, we lost a battle. We will continue to soldier on to recruit like minded conservatives and promoting conservative values. So don’t expect to see any white flags from us.

For those on the left who think that their president will now be free to continue to push his radical agenda, think again. To do that, he will need money. Because all appropriations and taxes must originate from the House, The GOP need only tighten the purse strings. I have already written Guthrie asking just that. If you agree with me, please drop him a note at 308 Cannon H.O.B., Washington DC 20515.

Kenneth L. Randall