Nov. 16, 2010: Our readers write

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Jerry Cooke Sr., Anna Acra

Hands off Medicare, Social Security
You wake up feeling good then you read the paper.  More bad news for senior citizens. I have heard the rumors however it may soon be a reality. In 2009 we heard rumors that seniors would not get a cost of living raise and we didn’t believe it. Surely they wouldn’t do that to us.  Well, those fools in Washington did it to us.
At a time when we already have a shortage of good doctors — and good doctors are as rare as pink diamonds — Congress has plans to cut Medicare payments to doctors 23 percent. Many doctors already refuse to take new Medicare patients and this will get worse.
Those who will suffer the most are the elderly. It was in 2009 that Congress claimed seniors would not get a cost of living raise in 2010 or 2011.  They said the cost of living had not gone up so seniors on Social Security didn’t need a raise.  They must  think we are a bunch of dumb fools because even a moron knew almost everything was going up. In fact, it would be hard to name something that wasn’t going up.
I wish Congress would look some place else to solve the financial problems. Their stupid decisions and do-nothing reasoning for the past 30 years got us into this mess.
What seniors all over this great country should do is put in your hearing aids and false teeth, get your canes and  wheel chairs and scooters. Charter buses, drive, fly, but head for Washington and tell them loud and clear: We have had it up to here. Leave us alone.
Jerry M. Cooke Sr. 

COLA needed
Why is it that the first thing that comes to their (government) minds is always cut Social Security and Medicare, which about 90 percent of senior citizens rely on for everything — rent, food and medicines — all the needed things to get by on? Everything keeps getting costlier and the check never meets everything.
The government never missed taking it out of our paychecks and now they don’t want to give is a cost of living increase to help make it with higher rent, costlier food and medicine, yet they keep increasing their own pay every year. Why don’t they cut their big salaries in half or even work for $1 a year?
 They fight over getting into government, they know there are big bucks in it for them and they promise you everything and deliver nothing in return. Why do we keep believing they mean what they say? I pray all the new Republicans mean what they say and don’t take away our rights to what was taken out of our checks all our working days.
I pray there’s no one going hungry or living on the streets because of the greed that’s in Washington, D.C. Thieves, bribes and crooks — you name it, we have it in Washington, D.C.
Why do people keep voting for them? They are a disgrace to our country, yet they get up in public and brag on themselves. No shame at all. We need and deserve a cost of living raise every year to keep up with higher prices.
Anna Acra