Nov. 17, 2013: Our readers write

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Immigration laws still being ignored

Normally, laws passed by Congress or any other legal legislative body are required to be enforced by law enforcement authorities. Failure to do so by police authorities constitutes at a minimum malfeasance or worse. Laws are to be enforced unless overturned by the legislature which enacted them or declared unconstitutional by a proper court.

Chris Crane, president of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Union, recently again has called upon Congress to investigate President Obama’s illegal immigration policies, i.e., ordering ICE agents not to enforce immigration laws.

U.S. federal law as outlined in the Federal Immigration and Naturalization Act (8 US Code Section 1324) makes it a felony for anyone knowingly to assist any illegal immigrant alien in any way. Yet ICE is ordered to not enforce the law and many U.S. cities act as sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, even those charged and convicted of felonies.  

We are a messed up country with an arrogant president who will not respond to honest questions from the public such as what he did or did not do regarding the Benghazi atrocity. Instead, he picks and chooses which laws he does or does not like. He oversteps his authority and consistently falls short on leadership, but does well at blaming everyone but himself for our nation’s problems. We need a “problem solver-in-chief” and not a “dodger-in-chief.” 

May God help us all because we have more than three more years for this “leader” to run this great country into the ground.

Jim Weise


Pipeline will benefit local businesses

We own a small business in our community and as we all know, times are tough. We support the Bluegrass Pipeline because we know that it will have a positive impact on our community and our business.

As a matter of fact, surveyors and other workers on the pipeline come in to drink coffee, eat lunch and fill up their gas tanks at our store.

From everything we have read about this project, we believe it to be safe for our community. I also know that small businesses need all the help we can get. The additional workers who will be here to build the pipeline would be a very welcome addition to our local sales and tax base.

Additionally, anything we can do to put a little more change in the pocket of our local residents gives us hope that they might invest a little of that back into our community by visiting their local businesses.

We hope our political leaders and local residents will give this opportunity a chance. 

Our local businesses need all the help we can get to be successful.

Kendall and Debbie Goodman