Nov. 19: Our readers write

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By The Staff

Support Toys for Tots

Every year since 1947 the Marines have worked to collect toys for needy children through Toys for Tots. They collect toys and turn them over to Community Action which actually distributes the toys to children in need.

If individuals or organizations wish to contribute toys or monetary donations, the Fort Knox Marine coordinator this year is Gunnery Sgt. Pecor, (502) 624-7278, or go to www.toysfortots.org.  Gunnery Sgt. Pecor is with Company E, 4th Tank Battalion, Building 7241, Fort Knox, KY 40121.

I sincerely hope that everyone who can will support this worthy cause so many needy children will have a Merry Christmas.

Jim Weise


Choice in peril

I am writing to notify the residents of the 26th District who voted for Tim Moore in this past election that your choice is now in peril.

Mike Weaver and his cronies are trying to take back his old seat now by going to his “good old boy” friends in Frankfort.  He hopes with their help the votes of the Pine Valley Precinct will be voided despite the fact that his party was equally represented at that poll by trained workers.

Having lost the required recanvass, Democratic Party leaders want to hang their hats on the accusation that a voting machine allegedly malfunctioned or that poll workers supposedly failed to follow proper procedures.  What has not been shown is that this  in any way changed the way the votes were tallied if it occurred.  The recanvass seems to show it did not.

I wonder if Mike Weaver is trying to pull an “Al Franken” on us?  If so, he will have a hard path to travel.  Since our election system is monitored by Trey Grayson at the state level and Kenneth Tabb in Hardin County, there won't be any “surprise ballots” coming to the surface.  Should these tactics prevail, Rep. Tim Moore will be justified in his observation that, “No election would be safe in this country.” 

Kenneth Randall

Radcliff   Vandals strike

On the Sunday before Election Day, we we decorated our lawn with two patriotic inflatables – a red, white, blue and yellow ribbon in support our troops, and a patriotic Uncle Sam figure for the upcoming Veterans Day and Election Day. These were placed adjacent to our lighted flagpole to show support for our troops and our nation, and two campaign signs for our choices in the upcoming election — one for John McCain and Sarah Palin, the other for Tim Moore, our representative in Radcliff.

At 9 p.m., we found both inflatables had been slashed and the McCain-Palin sign had been thrown to the ground.

We reported the incident to the Radcliff Police who responded in mere minutes. But since we hadn't seen who did this, we cannot take any action beyond reporting the incident.

It is interesting to note that neither the Brett Guthrie nor the Tim Moore signs were vandalized. I assume the vandals were either Republican supporters of Obama, which I doubt exist, or ignorant Democrats who only know the top of the ticket, where my bet would be. Regardless, it is terrible that in this land of free speech – where so many of our Radcliff residents have defended the Constitution in the face of hostile fire, as I have – have to put up with this criminal element.

I know that someone will soon know who the vandals are and I sincerely hope they will report them to the police department so that justice might be served.

John Flanagan