Nov. 28, 2012: Our readers write

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Fire protection insurance change

To all residents in the Rineyville Fire Protection Area, it gives me great pleasure in sharing recent accomplishments regarding your Public Protection Classification rating and the effects it will have on your home owners insurance.

In November 2011, Insurance Services Office came to Rineyville and began a comprehensive examination of response times, equipment, responders and training programs. Other factors reviewed were the water supply system and the 911 center’s ability to handle fire alarms. This visit resulted in a drastic reduction in our classification.

Prior to the review our rating was a Class 7/9. What this means is if you lived within five road miles of a fire station and within 1000ft of a fire hydrant you were a class 7, if your lived further than five miles but within 1000ft of a hydrant you were a class 9. We lowered our rating to Class 5/8b. This drop will have a significant impact on the residents in our area and will result in a drop in your home owners insurance (depending on your provider). We have also been designated as the only department in the Commonwealth to receive an 8b rating. The 8b classification represents a fire protection delivery system that is superior except for a lack of water supply system.

This process took months of preparation, which required hours of hard work and dedication from its volunteers. Please contact your insurance provider for cost saving information. We will continue to provide superior service and work to deliver a better service for our customers.

Thank you for your support.

Shane J. Crutcher

Fire Chief, Rineyville Volunteer Fire Department