Nov. 28, 2013: Our readers write

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A message of thankfulness 

Life gives everyone the opportunity to live with a positive outlook or to spend time in self pity.

I am sure everyone knows what pity is all about. Not too many people have not had an experience that could have caused them to dwell in a pity party. I want to tell everyone about a person who has faced numerous possible pity parties but chosen not to dwell for very long. I will give her name later in this letter, but for now, just read some information about this person.

A very jolly and outgoing person all her life, she was a friend to everyone — yes, I said a friend to everyone. Growing up in a rural community was a rewarding time for her. She’s a person you could feel comfortable telling your most inner secrets to and know they would remain a secret forever.

Working with other associates was always a pleasure, both for her and her associates. Her parents had the pleasure to see a young girl grow up, marry and have a wonderful loving son. She is a super sister to three brothers and one sister. The family is proud to be a part of her life.

Now with some revealing information about her, she will become known to many readers. She worked for several years at Central Hardin High School in the school lunchroom and was called the Nacho Lady. She had four surgeries on her knee, a broken elbow and a broken leg — all within six years. She lost her loving husband, Noah, in October 2008. But life must go on, so go on she has.

The next time that life throws you a curveball, just take a bat and hit it out of the ballpark. If a bat is not handy, just call her and she will be willing to tell you to just keep keeping on.

The lady mentioned is Judy Woosley Webb, my sister. 

She has had the personal assistance from the family, but her loving sister, Betty Woosley Cundiff, has been at her side all the time and extends quality personal attention and care. You see, it takes a family to be there for the person that is trying to do what is expected of them: Simply being a Christian person with a positive attitude and not bothering with the small stuff.

Take time today to tell someone you love that you appreciate how much they have touched your life.

Written with love and affection by a loving brother.

Jackie B. Woosley