Nov. 3, 2011: Our readers write

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Suffering by proxy
I have a question for my elected senator, Mitch McConnell, who also is a leader in Congress.
He repeatedly has called on the president to make cuts in Social Security and Medicare.
My question is why, as a leader, has he never proposed to cut his health care, retirement or safety net?
I live in a country where our leaders feather their retirement, never share in the cuts and suffer by proxy.
Randal A. Lanham

We deserve better
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Hosea Williams and Medgar Evers each were civil rights warriors. Both King and Evers were murdered while Williams fell to illness years later. Each passed before President Barack Obama was sworn in. It would have thrilled them to see the inauguration ceremony, but how would they grade Obama’s duty performance?
The above-mentioned men always brought their “A” game. Each “i” was dotted and each “t” was crossed. No one signed anything without reading it. In contrast, President Obama, without review, expeditiously signed what I believe to be crooked legislation into law, ignored any who disagreed with him and has been made to look foolish with consistent failures.
The worst failures are when lessons aren’t learned.
Obama put on a good show at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial dedication ceremony. It was ironic for him to preside over that ceremony as his duty performance damaged many gains for black Americans made possible by King’s ultimate sacrifice. Obama is a high profile black man whose actions specifically affect the black American image whether he wants to or not. Why not really honor Dr. King by curtailing blatantly unprofessional behavior, improving his work ethic, abandoning left-wing agendas, learning from past mistakes and “walking the walk?”
President Obama hasn’t decisively spoken out against street mobs defecating on police cars and buying drugs from street venders while occupying Wall Street. That is passive support. Wealth redistribution won’t help folks who act like animals. There always will be losers in America as individual choices determine destiny.
President Obama carved a new chapter in Dr. King’s legacy, but I’m a black man who believes that we deserved much better.
Harry Braxton