Nov. 5, 2013: Our readers write

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Enough school taxes

A recent article had a statement by Hardin County Schools community relations director that board members were tired of having to turn to local taxpayers to fund the school district. Taxpayers are tired of it, too.

If that is the case, then explain to the community why the school board just approved a property tax increase in the maximum amount allowed before being subject to voter recall? This has been the regular practice. Citizens have gone before the board, voiced their displeasure and the board ignored the people and raised the taxes any way.

That sounds exactly like Taxation Without Representation to me.

A Hardin County Schools community relations director? Really? Does that mean the the superintendent, School Board members and teachers aren’t capable of speaking for themselves? The district is bloated with excess positions. There are many more positions that could be eliminated that would help this district get its financial house in order and alleviate some of the financial burden off the backs of the taxpayer.

Hardin County Schools’ general fund rose from $96.6 million last year to $102 million this year, primarily because of the tax increase the board just passed. $3.1 million of this went to teacher raises. If the superintendent and School Board had done a better job of managing our tax dollars last year, there wouldn’t have been a need for a property tax increase to give teachers and staff in the district.

I also am sure there are many that are performing at the minimum level required to get by. These people chose to be educators. They knew what was expected before they took the job. They have the education needed to obtain other employment. If they don’t perform at the maximum level as educators, they need to do the right thing and resign. If they won’t do that voluntarily, then the superintendent and school board need to do the right thing for the students and terminate their employment.

That would take people with the intestinal fortitude necessary to renegotiate contracts with the teachers’ representatives. Unfortunately, we don’t have that in the current composition of the Hardin County School Board.

Paul Rose