Nov. 7, 2013: Our readers write

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Don’t blame the teachers

I agree with a previous letter that we pay enough property taxes. I agree that the Hardin County School Board should work more with the people affected (tax hikes should require referendums); the current system is tantamount to “taxation without representation.” However, the letter went too far in how it portrayed teachers.

Teachers have nothing to do with running the board or the schools. We don’t make decisions about finance or taxes, or anything outside of our individual classrooms. That’s done by bureaucrats.

Don’t go after teachers over their pay raise. I don’t go gripe to managers that if they were rid of those overpaid clerks I wouldn’t have to pay so much. We deserve raises. Bet those clerks aren’t required to get a master’s degree. Also, our duties have been augmented by the necessity of raising someone else’s kids without access to morality or discipline. Parents don’t want us to talk about God or assert discipline with their children. They claim those rights — though most won’t exercise them.

Are there teachers just hanging on? Probably. Are there people in every profession doing that? Probably. Are there unnecessary jobs at central office? Definitely. Did teachers come up with them? No.

Don’t blame teachers for tax hikes. We pay. If someone thinks teachers don’t earn their salaries, try the job. I bet other bosses don’t make employees sell tickets at ball games for no extra pay. Make them come in early for meetings without overtime. Make them take work at home because that boss took the time to get it done during the day for other tasks. Other bosses would have to pay time-and-a-half for this.

Our integrity was questioned concerning our job performance; we should all be performing at the “maximum level.” One cannot quantify “maximum level” for our job. Just because I teach at the maximum level, does not mean my students pay attention at the maximum, test at the maximum or care about their education enough to try at the maximum. They can choose to fail.

Stop blaming teachers for the cost of education. All we control is our paychecks.

Charles Goodlet

Teacher, North Hardin

High School