Nov. 9 Howevalley news

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By The Staff


Mona Holbert, 234-3298

WEATHER. The month of November has started out with some beautiful weather. The leaves on the trees really are turning colorful. HALLOWEEN. It just isn’t anything like it was years ago. I had 11 trick-or-treaters. I gave the young trick-or-treaters a small painted pumpkin, along with a bag of candy. Unfortunately, somebody liked my bigger painted pumpkins I had on my fall display in the yard and they took them during Halloween night. I’m not used to people doing that. I hope they enjoy them. I spoke to my mom and she said she didn’t have many kids come by either. Years past, she would have 100 or more. I miss the traditional way of kids dressing up and going door to door. CHAT TIME. I just learned that I have a new reader of my column. I work with him at Dow Corning. Keep reading Jody even though you found out I was a Louisville Cardinal fan. I spoke with Pat Miller as she was leaving the election polls Nov. 4. We were talking about the long lines. I didn’t have to wait too long though. The traffic was the worst part on Hwy. 1600. I chose another route to travel home. GET-WELL WISHES. Get-well wishes to Phillip Shircliff, Daniel Vermillion, Mike Lucas,  Harold B. Meredith, Janice Meredith, Cathy Morgan and Jim Reesor. SYMPATHY. Sympathy is extended to John Shope on the passing of his sister from North Carolina. Sympathy to my niece, Keshia Grimes, and family on the passing of her dad, Donnie Grimes. Also to the family of Graydon “Doc” Gillispie. He and his wife, Paddy, lived in Howevalley years ago. My daddy thought a lot of “Doc.” HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Happy birthday wishes to Jacob Kleiner (3 years) on Nov. 11; Hollie Shartzer on Nov. 12; Steven Conder and Mallory Miller (2 years) on Nov. 13; Cody Fields, Charlie Grimes and Cody Ramsey (7 years) on Nov. 15; Norma Jean Duvall, Curtis Chappell and Allen Smothers on Nov. 16; Melvin Duvall, Joanna Butler, Linda Raub, Jacquelin Miles and Regina Goodman on Nov. 17; and Darrell Miller, Gary Lucas and Margo Lindsey on Nov. 18. BACK IN THE DAY. I remember as a kid that mamaw Ruth Goodman always had a big jar of pickled bologna in the refrigerator. Sometimes she would cut us a piece of it to eat. We weren’t allowed in her refrigerator. That wasn’t her rule but my daddy’s. Naturally we would sometimes sneak in the house and get us a piece of it. If daddy had caught us we would have gotten a whipping. LAUGH LINE. A man was waiting in line at a fast food restaurant. Keep in mind it was lunch time. People already had been waiting in line for 15 minutes. They have had plenty of time to look at the menu. He reached the counter to place his order. The cashier asked what would he like. He said “What kind of burgers do you have?” Of course the people waiting in line got really frustrated. It’s a burger place for crying out loud. Why hadn’t he looked at the menu like everybody else. NEWS ITEMS. Call and leave your news on my voice mail at 234-3298 or e-mail to mholbert31@yahoo.com by Sunday evening before 11 p.m. Have a pleasant day.