Oct. 10, 2008: Our readers write

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By The Staff

Lee championed VA nursing home

I am writing to bring to your attention the excellent work of your state representative, Jimmie Lee, to bring a state veterans’ nursing home to Hardin County. To get the project into the top tier of sites around the country to receive funding from the VA, it was necessary for the state to commit its portion of the required funding. Rep. Lee did just that.

As chairwoman of the Seniors, Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee in the Kentucky House of Representatives, I was impressed to see how hard Rep. Lee worked to get the state’s funding commitment into the budget negotiated in the 2008 legislative session. Rep. Lee worked with me and others to get the funding commitment into the budget and the Hardin County state veterans’ nursing home to the top tier of the VA’s waiting list for full funding of a nursing home.

Rep. Lee was part of the team that negotiated the final budget where he could assure that the state’s funding commitment stayed in the final budget.

I compliment Rep. Lee for this excellent work that will move the Hardin County veterans’ nursing home to the top tier of the VA’s funding list, so that the many veterans in the area can sooner have a nursing home nearby.

Rep. Tanya Pullin

Chairwoman, Senior Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee

Kentucky House of Representatives


Misunderstanding the restaurant tax

It is obvious the three men running for city council have done a poor job studying for the tests of life. Even an elementary student knows and understands that the more they read and study, the better the grade they can expect. Of course, some of us understand that these men have personal self-serving agendas and, in the long run, will not put the people first.

As far as the restaurant tax is concerned, it is the fairest form of taxation ever imposed on this great city. First of all, the majority of it is paid by outsiders. Tourists, travelers, business people, salespeople and many, many nonresidents are paying the taxes. Hardin County alone has almost 100,000 residents and the city only has a fourth of that. Not to mention all those restaurant guests from Nelson, Bullitt, LaRue, Grayson, Breckinridge and Meade counties who come here for our wide variety of choices.

Second, it is the only form of taxation based on income level. The more your personal income, the more money you have available to dine out. Some residents of this city will not pay any of this tax whatsoever, because they do not dine out period.

Third, let us look at some numbers and do a little calculation. If you spend an average of $100 per week eating out, and you multiply that times 52 weeks, you end of paying $104 a year. On a daily basis it will cost about a nickel for breakfast, sandwich or pastry and coffee, a dime for lunch, sandwich, fries and Coke, and a quarter for dinner, steak, salad, baked potato, rolls and tea.

Now let us consider what form of revenue generation the three men would come up with. For years they have been anti-everything. Anything that has been proposed, discussed, considered or enacted, they have been very vocally against it. Some people in this world spend their entire lives leaning on the negative side of decision making. However, this great city has progressed quite well being led by positive thinking people. This city has a great location, right in the heart of the nation, and will continue to move forward with forward thinking leaders. In reality, these three men do not have anything positive to bring to the table. They do not have any solutions to common problems that face every city in this nation. Their Ax the Tax platform would, in the long run, become a campaign promise on which eventually they would renege.

As a voter, look for good, strong leadership that will continue to move this great city forward. Do not be deceived by individuals who band together for a negative cause that they most likely can’t even guarantee. We sincerely hope that Nov. 4 will bring out a large number of positive thinking voters with the goal of moving this city, state and nation forward in such trying times.

David McCullum