Oct. 11, 2013: Our reader's write

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Stop childish behavior

Since Bill Bennett was elected to the Elizaabethtown City Council, Councilman Marty Fulkerson and two-time council race loser Arnold Myers have formed a tag team with one goal in mind: attack Bennett and attempt to discredit him publicly.

The latest example is their false claim Bennett brought forward a lien amnesty ordinance to absolve himself of the stupendous sum of $268 in unpaid liens (which now are paid) for parking his keepsake Oldsmobile in his own driveway. Bennett could not have benefited from the ordinance he proposed. City Planning Director Ed Poppe and City Attorney D. Dee Shaw have stated Bennett’s liens did not meet the amnesty qualifications. Fulkerson’s and Myers’ claim legally was unfounded. Bennett proffered the ordinance to give the elderly and less fortunate relief from small liens that have been on the books for years without being collected, and to provide a way for the city to get these off the books.

As a previous city councilman, I also was a victim of an accusation that it was unethical for me to work at a large business in town because the city bought items from that business. The fact was I had no stock in that company and did not work in management. The ludicrous accusation was thrown out by the ethics commission.

The bottom line seems to be if you ever have opposed Fulkerson and/or Myers over real issues — such as city classification, the restaurant tax, or the $1.5 million in annual city expenses required to operate the Elizabethtown Sports Park — you immediately become a target if elected to the city council.

I, for one, find this smear campaign reprehensible and unbecoming of anyone who purports to be a city leader. Bennett absorbed a lot of blows from these bullies before he responded with his own complaints against them. While Fulkerson and Myers bask in their presumed moral superiority, they need to remember  when you point a finger at someone else, there are three fingers pointing back at yourself.

Children act like children. Myers and Fulkerson need to put their vindictive childish behavior to rest.

Steve Atcher