Oct. 18, 2011: Our readers write

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There’s good news out there
Why should a Christian be watching anti-Christian news? It’s teaching us to depend upon government instead of God. With the liberal media, the government is in your face every day. Where’s God?
You can get Christian news from Trinity Broadcast Network, Christian Broadcast Network, World Net Daily (on the Internet), The Drudge Report (on the Internet), and most talk show hosts have news that the liberal media don’t want you to know, having quit being neutral more than 40 years ago. Seven of the 10 most popular talk show hosts are Christian and two are God-believing Jews. They have websites that give helpful news.
There’s good news out there instead of a daily diet of fires and murders. Let’s turn our attention to our real supplier before this economy forces us to, eh?
J.B. Armstrong

Make educated decisions
Why am I voting for Gatewood Galbraith and Dea Riley you ask? I will divulge. For many years now I have silently watched as our republic has slid from a historic model of an ideal nation filled with pride and honor-bound people to a moribund land in the clutches of those who care for nothing but lining their pockets at the expense of those they have been entrusted with guardianship along with their aspirations and dreams.
“Let them eat cake” indeed. From the day I first met Gatewood and Dea, I perceived something I had found lacking in our current leaders and that was a pure, unsullied concern and drive to aid those in need in our commonwealth. This is not to be confused with the idea of free handouts to those who do and care nothing for the common good. All must contribute. Preconceived notions should be put away for the investigation of truths. Gatewood and Dea have clear designs on how to repair our current miasma in Kentucky, whereas all we have heard from the two ruling parties is more of the same hollowed words and promises. While I will agree and accept your choice for governor this fall for my adopted home here in the picturesque and history-laden Kentucky, I would implore you to make educated decisions concerning your elected officials in the upcoming elections. Fare you well my fellow Kentuckians.
Scott A. Haynes