Oct. 19, 2011: Our readers write

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Supporting David Williams
Fortunately for all voting Kentuckians Gov. Beshear finally made it to a debate between himself and his two challengers. Unfortunately he had already decided that one debate was enough for all Kentuckians to see and hear of their governor’s upcoming plans for our commonwealth. Little of those plans was heard. As one review stated that the debate offered few surprises.
One thing that is no surprise is that while Sen. David Williams has put together a solid plan for bringing jobs back to Kentucky, Gov. Beshear doesn’t seem to have anything new or aggressive to improve the state of our commonwealth.
The Williams-Farmer plan offers more than throwing money at large companies in exchange for a few low paying jobs. Some of the key points are tax reform that will work by eliminating income and business taxes with a truly “fair” tax. Legal and labor reforms such as tort reform and making Kentucky a right to work state. Protecting our coal industry from the EPA, and joining the fight against Obamacare.
So, what do you want for the future of Kentucky? If more jobs, lower energy costs, and less government in your life is what you want, then please join me at the polls Nov. 8 to elect Williams as our next governor. Kentucky deserves better.
Debbie Bayles