Oct. 3, 2008: Our readers write

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By The Staff

Same old song from John McCain

The more I listen to John McCain the more convinced I become that he is still fighting the Vietnam War. It seems that he confuses Iraq and Vietnam, telling us we could have won in Vietnam and ignoring General Petraeus’ recent statements to Congress. General Petraeus stated “I can’t say that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” and “this thing (Iraq war) could go either way.”

Former Secretary of Defense for Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, Robert McNamara, provides us with deep insight to the Vietnam War in his book, “Fog of War” and the documentary of the same name.

John McCain is indeed a war hero and I’m sure giving five and half years of one’s life only to have to admit defeat would be a traumatic event. During the Republican Convention another former POW, who was held for eight years, explained to a reporter that McCain wasn’t the only POW and they survived only by keeping each other alive. Stating none of them could have survived alone. He seemed to resent that McCain doesn’t give credit to his fellow POW’s.

McCain has admitted that he makes rash decisions and sometimes they turn out to be bad decisions, “but we just have to live with them,” he stated. Wrong, we don’t have to live with this seat-of-the-pants decision maker. The temperament needed by a fighter pilot and the temperament needed by a President are worlds apart. We need a President who surrounds him/her self with a large number of experts from all sides of a debate. That is the only intelligent way to determine the “common good,” both for the present and for years to come.

lucia beeler


A cure worse than the disease

Ms. Kelly accuses me of being in denial in her [9/26] letter. No, I am not in denial. I am very much aware of the situation we are in now, but have not forgotten how we got here. It is on those details that Ms. Kelly is in denial or is willfully trying to cover up for the Democratic Party leaders involvement in the current market meltdown.

For those wanting the full story, not what Ms. Kelly or the mainstream media would try to spoon feed them, check out the Community Reinvestment Act on Wikpedia. Before this act, passed under President Carter and expanded by President Clinton, there was no sub prime market. By applying affirmative action standards to the home mortgage market, this act pressured lenders to make loans that have caused the crisis we are in today.

Under the leadership of former Clinton administration officials, Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae expanded these loans further while "cooking the books" to hide their losses. Meanwhile, Senator Barack Hussein Obama ranked second in campaign contributions from these firms. It is no surprise that the FBI has just announced the start of their investigation on this collapse.

While Ms. Kelly does a great job in pointing fingers, she comes up short on workable answers. Since this country is facing challenges, how are her candidates going to be able to solve them? Senator Obama had a grand total of 143 days in the Senate before he started to run for President. David Freddoso's "The Case Against Obama" outlines the candidate’s lack of reform as a state or U.S. Senator.

What is Bruce Lunsford's key qualification for U.S. Senate? Vencor? I guess he would add some experience in bankrupt corporations and gaming the system. With his record maybe he should run for Senate in Illinois.

David Boswell is following the classic ploy of claiming to be a "blue dog conservative". As I remember, a large number of those elected in 2006 made the same claims as Mr. Boswell and turned into Nancy Pelosi's personal lap dogs the moment they took office. While he may talk a good game, does Nancy really need another pet?

Mike Weaver and Jimmie Lee, members of Hardin County's "good old boy" system, would offer two solutions to this state's problems: higher taxes for all and casinos to further sap our economy. So, Ms. Kelly, we may be ill. But the cure you offer is worse.

Kenneth L. Randall