Oct. 3, 2013: Our reader's write

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Paul’s latest goof

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul wants federal employees to be treated just like other citizens when it comes to implementation of the Affordable Care Act. In fact, he is planning on pushing for a constitutional amendment that would outlaw any exemption from the ACA for federal employees. 

The sad thing is, federal employees are exempt from the ACA the same way any citizen who receives health insurance from their employer is exempt. This is one of the basic precepts of the ACA.  It is not designed for anyone who receives health insurance through their employer.

So, maybe Sen. Paul is singling out federal employees in some sort of punitive way because of his contempt for the federal government. Or maybe he doesn’t want anyone to get health insurance through their employer. Or worse yet, maybe he really doesn’t understand the ACA and how it is designed to work.

Whatever his motivation, Sen. Paul’s planned amendment makes him look either mean-spirited or ill-informed. Neither of which are particularly flattering – but what else is new?

Karl Stankovic