Oct. 30, 2013: Our readers write

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Fonda the problem

During an interview, Jane Fonda was questioned about military veterans taking issue with her playing the role of a loved first lady of a beloved president. Her response was if veterans have a problem with it, “ they need to get a life. If it tweaks the right, who cares?”

A recent letter to The News-Enterprise seems to try to shame us into accepting and forgiving Fonda’s mistakes by comparing it to the ugly years of segregation and discrimination. The letter states two-thirds of the population  consider the Vietnam War ancient history. 

The writer then tries to use that same history to try and shame others into accepting Fonda as a way to make up for out sins of discrimination.

In 2005, Fonda gave somewhat of an apology for the propaganda picture of herself sitting on a enemy anti-aircraft gun, used to shoot down American pilots. Her 33-years-late apology was for letting herself be manipulated into posing for propaganda pictures. 

During that two week tour in North Vietnam she made 10 radio speeches that were used as propaganda against American soldiers. Albeit, that is ancient history, she has never apologized for those Hanoi Jane speeches. 

When the P.O.W.’s started coming home from the Hanoi Hilton prisoner of war camp, Fonda claimed those American soldiers were hypocrites, liars, professional killers and war criminals. Once we forgive Fonda, as some are demanding, there will be no reason not to watch or show the movie she has a role in. 

A recent letter seems to imply the real reason for not showing “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” is from of a root cause of racism. Really? Throwing that accusation at anyone who refuses to watch a movie that has Fonda in it? That has become a blanket accusation thrown at those who don’t do as another person demands. 

Edit Fonda’s part out of the movie and I will gladly watch it. Until that is done, don’t try to shame me or others into watching or showing the movie. Put the shame where it belongs, on Fonda.      

E.A. Sparrow Jr.