Oct. 9, 2013: Our readers write

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What’s in a name?

What would you call a government with a leader and representatives elected by people freely voting rather than having a king or queen? After this government is elected by the majority during freely held elections, what would you call the destructive and blocking actions against this freely elected government by a minority group who are disgruntled by the result of these freely held elections?

Richard K. Rogers



Supporting SNAP

I would like to thank U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, for being the one vote from Kentucky in support of the SNAP Bill (aka food stamps) considering that, according to recent Census data, one out of every four children  live in poverty in Kentucky. You voted for our family and children. You went to Washington to be a strong voice for Kentucky and you have been.

Congressman Yarmuth, you are a proven leader.

Jeannette Stephens



Let’s move on

Elizabethtown is my hometown, therefore, I chose to become a public servant to serve my hometown and to help make Elizabethtown a better place to live, work and go to school.

We have been through a crisis this year with the loss of our beloved mayor, Tim Walker. Through this crisis, we came together to do what was best for the citizens of Elizabethtown. The last thing we need are small-town, petty politics to tear us apart — the citizens of Elizabethtown deserve better.

I find it very sad that Marty Fulkerson and Arnold Myers are trying to undermine the hard work and camaraderie that we in city government have established to move forward.

If Mr. Fulkerson or Mr. Myers had felt personal grudges or animosities toward me, then I wish they would have acted like men and sat down with me to air their grievances — maybe a beer summit at the State Theater parking lot.

Instead, Mr. Fulkerson and Mr. Myers have been skulking around the community and demanding my personal employment records from former employers, using their status to pressure local small business owners to release my personal invoices for their inspection, calling the Hyatt Hotel in Lexington to verify I was there for a Kentucky Science Teachers’ Association Convention, filing false accusations with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance and driving past my house on several occasions to inspect my property.

Their actions are obsessive and borderline harassment. This is why more decent, qualified people do not run for public office as most could not endure this type of scrutiny or abuse. Fortunately, I can.

As Elizabethtown moves forward, let’s work together to find common ground and put our petty differences aside.

William R. Bennett



Affordable Care Act

President Obama’s insistence on funding Obamacare — even to the point of forcing a government shutdown—and his refusal to negotiate with opposing viewpoints bring into question his motives.

Is his motive to protect the most vulnerable? To provide a better life for the American poor? Obamacare itself belies these motives. The ACA denies the most vulnerable of society the basic right to life through guaranteed abortion, while forcing countless taxpayers to violate their consciences in paying for abortions. Obamacare also heavily penalizes marriage. An average, middle-aged couple could lose more than $7,000 annually for being married, with the number rising for older couples with no children. 

Federal statistics show that intact families “are the main source of higher income, education, and productivity that grows the economy and society” according to “Marriage and the Common Good,” author Patrick Fagan, Ph.D. 

While single-parent families often thrive and innumerable single individuals benefit American society, statistics show that income and productivity rates of married men with children rise an average of 27 percent, supporting not only a healthier economy but a stronger society as these values are transferred to the next generation. Children whose parents are married, and remain so, statistically cope better with life’s challenges, from education to forming a family of their own. 

Conversely, single parenthood is one of the largest generators of child poverty, while divorce is the greatest contributor to women and children entering poverty each year.

Obamacare’s claim of helping the poor weakens in light of its treatment of marriage. It is akin to providing a relief program for victims of a crime with one hand and facilitating the crime itself with the other. It simply doesn’t make sense. President Obama’s motives, whatever they may be, do not seem to consider the most vulnerable in society. 

As the intelligent leader of a thriving nation, President Obama is not ignorant of the above statistics. His motives for championing Obamacare seem, in this case, divorced from concern for the good of the American people. May ignorance not be a factor in Americans’ support of or opposition to the president’s latest actions.

Jody Ingalls