Online and offline, a place for all things nerdy

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By Becca Owsley

Nerds are the coolest people you ever will meet. Seriously, they are, and I’m not saying that because they are my kind.

Nerds know off-the-wall facts and can help you with just about any movie reference because they have every movie they’ve ever seen memorized. Plus, they usually have cool toys and gadgets that, let’s face it, everyone wishes they had.

Each week, a group of nerdish friends, including myself, gets together to eat, chat, watch geeky things and plot to take over the world. Maybe that last part is an exaggeration. Plot to be invited to Comic-Con might be more accurate.

A basement project — literally, because the group hangs out in a member’s basement — the group now is posting nerd friendly thoughts, musings and pop culture news on a group blog. These musings are on subjects such as “Star Wars,” “Firefly,” “Doctor Who,” “The Avengers,” “Star Trek,” action figures, collectables and any other matter of discussion.

These conversations are shot out into cyberspace via Facebook and Twitter. One tweet actually got a reply from LeVar Burton of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” fame. “Trek” fans in the group were pretty excited about that development.

Tuesdays With Mobot — what the group has been called since it hit the web — is made up of a variety of people with similar interests. The Mobot crew are teachers, artists, customer service specialists, actors, writers, medical professionals, technical directors, students, retired folks, moms, dads, a couple kids and a dog named Root Beer.

Group members wear Chucks (Converse All-stars) and have a wardrobe consisting of at least five to 10 sci-fi themed T-shirts. Maybe more, but most have at least one “Free Loki” T-shirt thanks to some cool Marvel swag the group acquired. For the non-nerds, that’s a T-shirt featuring Loki from the “Thor” films.

The Mobot crew recently took a field trip to the Tacky Palette in downtown Elizabethtown. The Tacky Palette has classes and group events to learn how to paint a selected piece of artwork.

The group of varying degrees of artistic talent, including myself and my lack of artistic abilities, tackled a famous image in the nerd world, Van Gogh’s “Exploding Tardis.”

You might be scratching your head at the title of this piece. No, Vincent Van Gogh did not paint an exploding Tardis, the spaceship used to travel through space and time in the BBC series “Doctor Who.” It was a painting featured on an episode in the television series.

Most versions of the painting that night turned out pretty good and each individual put their own spin on it.

But the finished product wasn’t what the evening was about. It was about a group of friends with similar interests getting together for the fun of it. This, after all, is what this group’s goal truly is all about. And the Comic-Con thing.

The evening was full of laughs, lots and lots of laughs, and fun. In fact, Tacky Palette’s Facebook page gave the group a shout out with the statement, “Go nerds.”

Go nerds, indeed.

Check out the blog, find Tuesdays With Mobot on Facebook or follow @MobotBlog on Twitter. It’s a nerd-friendly place.

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