'Paranoia' a waste of time

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By Becca Owsley

Sitting in the theater watching “Paranoia,” I thought it would make a great scenario for a TV crime drama. It’s not the type of movie that plays well on the big screen.

First off, look at the title. When someone is paranoid, there’s usually an irrational fear behind it. The main character in this movie wasn’t paranoid; he was being followed, blackmailed and other seedy things. With that kind of title, you’d think there was a twist at the end leaving him in a paranoid state, which wasn’t the case.

It wasn’t an intellectually challenging thriller and was pretty predictable. For high-tech espionage, audiences expect it to be smart and complicated. This film was neither.

The protagonist isn’t exactly someone you wanted to cheer for, either. He kept backing himself further into trouble until he finally wised up in the end and did something he should have done all along.

Unfortunately, all that goes together for a story that isn’t very good.

Liam Hemsworth (“The Hunger Games”) doesn’t prove he’s more than a pretty face. He is surrounded by seasoned actors who perform at their usual levels, exposing Hemsworth’s flaws. He needs to show more emotion and pull the audience into his performance instead of depending on flashing a handsome smile.

Gary Oldman (“The Dark Knight Rises”), Richard Dreyfuss (“Red”) and Harrison Ford (“42”) handle their roles like pros, but it still wasn’t enough of a foundation to build a great movie.

Embeth Davidtz (“The Amazing Spider-Man”), Lucas Till (“X-Men First Class”), Julian McMahon (“Nip/Tuck”) and Josh Holloway (“Lost”) fill out the cast.

You know it’s not a great film when you catch yourself checking your watch more than once to see if it is close to over. It falls into the category of just OK. I often wonder why Hollywood continues to make a long list of films that are mediocre instead of spending more time developing movies that could be phenomenal.

With the rising costs of tickets and popcorn, audiences deserve phenomenal.

What is even more confusing is the number of A-list actors who settle for these kinds of films. The producers must really sell it when they approach them for parts. I wonder if they are ever as disappointed as audiences.

Save your money and rent better films by these actors. With Oldman and Ford, there are so many to choose from — except the fourth “Indiana Jones” movie. No one should have to watch that again. Or watch Hemsworth’s big brother in the Marvel universe as Thor.

“Paranoia” just isn’t worth the ticket cost.

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