Point/Counterpoint Facebook is the Worst

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By Autumn Sandlin

With 110 million users in the United States alone, Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites out there right now. Teens have found solace in the site with their status updates, pictures and easy access with friends.

Something about Facebook really just rubs me the wrong way, though. Having deleted my profile back in October, I can’t convince myself to go back.

When Myspace users began switching to Facebook, I was hesitant. I felt that it was far too impersonal. My tune changed when I finally began getting into Facebook and I soon became addicted.

Over time, though, I felt like it was just pointless. It's marketed as a tool to allow you to interact with people who you don’t generally have a chance to interact with on a day-to-day basis. But I believed there was a reason we didn’t interact with them daily —they’re simply people we don’t want to be around.

Everything on Facebook is a façade, much like many other social networking sites. You post things you want other people to see. It became a huge war of  who can get the most likes on this pretty picture or who can get the most likes on this witty status that they found on Google. Facebook is essentially a huge war of humans feeling as if what they do or say is the most important thing in the world.

My feed was constantly filled with people doing the “Like this and I‘ll tell you what I like and dislike about you” song and dance with their responses all being the same: "Likes: You seem so funny and you’re so pretty!" Dislikes: "We really need to hang out more!" It’s disgusting.

Now I sit, happy and Facebook free. Everyone I ever need to contact has my number or email and it’s an extremely liberating thing, not caring to impress your so called friends who you only see in the hallways at school.

It’s all of this evidence that has allowed me to conclude that Facebook is literally one of the worst things in the Internet world.

Autumn Sandlin is a senior at Elizabethtown High School.