Point/Counterpoint: Who is the king of hip-hop? Lil’ Wayne

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By Michael Niemeyer

Throughout history, kings rise to power and fall.

In the world of music, kings also rise and fall. Despite the steady decline in the quality of hip-hop music, and the flaky domination of expired 1990s artists, Lil’ Wayne has persevered and created more masterpieces than any other modern hip-hop artist. 

He is, without a doubt, the current ruler of the realm of hip-hop and the undeniable king of the industry.

Some haters think ancient artists such as Jay-Z deserve the title “The King of Hip-Hop." At one point, maybe he did. Unfortunately, Jay-Z dropped his last work of genius in 2003, “The Black Album.”  His later attempts have been half-hearted shadows of his former work and are plagued with mediocrity. Despite decent album sales and thriving business ventures, Jay-Z’s music has become second-rate. To be the king,you have to maintain your rule, not reminisce on lost grandeur.

For this reason, Lil’ Wayne is “The King of Hip-hop.”He has been on the grind since he was 9 years old, when he signed to Cash Money Records, and has not stopped. 

His studio work is phenomenal, his album “Tha Carter III,” sold more than 1 million copies the first week and “Tha Carter IV” sold 964,000 copies in one week. Lil' Wayne is included in the Guinness Book of World as the rapper with the most U.S. Hot 100 Hits with 64 tracks.

“Young Money Entertainment,” Wayne’s record label, has also ruled the charts with artists Drake, Nikki Minaj and T-Pain.

Despite being dominant in the studio, Lil’ Wayne’s true genius can be best proven by his mix tapes. Producing dozens of mix tapes available free to everyone, Lil’ Wayne displays not only that he has the most skill, but also he is no sell-out. He produces music not to capitalize but to please his fans.

A king has to work for the people and he has to maintain his rule. 

Jay-Z was a king but instead of watching the throne he’s been knocked off it.

Lil’ Wayne still produces superior music and has had more hits than Jay-Z in a shorter amount of time.

A local disc jockey, DJ Curly, attested to Lil’ Wayne’s dominance.

“I’ve never had a request for Jay-Z, but every party I DJ, I get three or four requests for Lil’ Wayne,” he said. 

The people have spoken, and they have chosen Lil’ Wayne as the “King of Hip-hop.”

Michael Niemeyer is a junior who is home schooled.